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  1. Tris10

    About a year's worth of gear trash. (Bananas for scale)

    i use an empty jug of protein for my pins.. i do hoard my empty vials tho.. idk why lol
  2. Tris10


    I might do the same lol
  3. Tris10


    i started low, like .6
  4. Tris10


    Dudes Helios are great.. That is all
  5. Tris10

    Which color top

    I ran out of blacks today and they sent me 4 white tops with my last order. The whites gave me this weird lump on my stomach. Doesn’t hurt or anything. But there’s a large lump that’s been there since I pinned it this morning at 8. I didn’t even notice it until I took my shirt off.
  6. Tris10

    GLP-1 Reconstitution ?

    I’ve done this with HGH plenty of times but my brain isn’t figuring this out. Help lol if the vial is 1mg and I put in 1ml of BAC then each IU would be … How much ?
  7. Tris10

    Source for immediate HCG shipment?

    Amino Asylum
  8. Tris10

    Another perfect TD for me

    i need to get some tri-blend, too
  9. Tris10

    Domestic hgh source

    Can't beat the black top prices
  10. Tris10

    sidelined for awhile

    Do you pin the BPC and TB into the muscles that you tore?
  11. Tris10

    Black tops Td

    got my 6 kits yesterday. quicker than the first order
  12. Tris10

    TPP-NPP-Mast P Blend log

    I need to give his blend a shot
  13. Tris10

    Black tops Td

    Just ordered 6 more kits lol
  14. Tris10

    Black tops Td

    Its my first run with Ace and just got my black tops in. ill probably order a few more boxes soon
  15. Tris10

    How long should one wait before getting worried?

    Use GC next time. Problem solved
  16. Tris10


    He also just took care of me on some slight confusion I had. Great source, period!!
  17. Tris10


    I post this a lot here lol Tren Hex Primo Atipp Anavar Winn Proviron Nolvadex Thanks again, GC
  18. Tris10


    I was just wondering how similar/comparable it would be to something like 10mg Anavar. As I said, I LOVE proviron lol Which is what triggered me to look into it for her. She's interested in the typical female goals... Cut some fat. Preserve muscle. Maybe build a little muscle. The usual lol...
  19. Tris10


    Does anyone know anything about women taking proviron? I've tried doing some research and although I have found some, there isn't a lot. What I found was 25mg a day is a good dose. "In combination with a diet, report an accelerated fat breakdown and continuously harder muscles." I LOVE...
  20. Tris10

    HCG Protocol For Fat Loss

    My wife just started this on Monday. she uses around 150-175iu HCG a day, first thing in the morning. She had a friend that paid like $1500 for the protocol from a weight-loss center. Shes doing basically everything her friend did, aside from having to pay that much lol Feel free to ask me...