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  1. sxboicexb

    Discharge Questions

    Been off all gear for a few months now. Had a successful pct. Prolactin came back low and estrogen writhin range. I have discharge coming from my nips. What is it? How can I treat it? I’ve been seeing my doctor about it. Confirmed gyno but the doc proclaimed it not being a very significant...
  2. sxboicexb

    Any Coaches?

    Currently 23yo 6 ft 195.2lbs I have recent blood work. Looking to stay natural until my diet is dialed and I’m on a regular routine. I need a strength and conditioning coach. I took this last year off a consistent workout/diet plan. I have been lifting consistent from 18-22 then kind of fell...
  3. sxboicexb

    Proviron Discussion

    Is proviron suppressive? Proviron and TRT? Proviron and fertility? Can Proviron help preserve muscle in a deficit? What are the benefits? What are the misconceptions around it? What’s your experience? Trying to learn more and figured I’d ask these questions and get a discussion rolling.
  4. sxboicexb

    Iron Lion Christmas Miracle

    There was a loss in translation I received 4 kits of HGH instead of HCG. Due to the holiday seasons the king of the jungle the lion himself allowed a Christmas gift and still sent my 4 Kits of HCG. I can notice the HCG is already working well. Yet to try the GH but I’m saving it for a future...
  5. sxboicexb


    22yo 6ft tall 200lbs came off a hiatus. Thought I wanted to do TRT forever and decided i wanted to cycle off. Did 2,500 iu hcg 3x a week for 8 weeks and 50mg clomid daily for 8 weeks. Here are my results. Debating whether or not I need to run a better pct immidiately. Or if I got what I...
  6. sxboicexb

    Extensive PCT *Help*

    I blasted from 7/2020 Until 7/2021 with pretty good results. Me being impatient and not listening to my intuition, I have bumped into some issues and need some help. My PCT was 2500iu hcg 3x weekly (i triated up for 3 weeks) for total 8 weeks, 50mg of Clomid daily for 8 weeks, .5 arimidex daily...
  7. sxboicexb

    Stupid Dummy Quick

    Cannot believe how fast it came. GC never ceases to impress.
  8. sxboicexb

    Ace TD

    TD smooth as can be. Faster than Advertised! Plus Bones threw in a bonus. Pack display very professional. Really enjoying Ace thus far. Definitely coming back for more.
  9. sxboicexb

    Fast AF TD!

    Always comes as its supposed to! xxx Days and bam! Its Christmas anytime of year.
  10. sxboicexb

    [emoji573]Send XRP to the moon?[emoji573]

    Thoughts? Think we could make something special happen for all of us? Sent from my LM-G900TM using Tapatalk
  11. sxboicexb


    I have been extremely impatient and ignorant to the knowledge provided on this board. I found myself getting completely unmotivated to train effectively and diet properly. I had a solid first cycle. I put on a reasonable amount of weight that I have kept. Then I got carried away and started...
  12. sxboicexb

    Date a Single Mom Dancer? Maintaining Sanity

    Hopefully someone gets a kick out of this, Started dating this woman. She’s been feeling me out seeing if I am capable of taking her on. Didn’t know she had a kid until we made plans to hang out at her place. (She arranged for her kid to be with her dad) About a week later out of left field...
  13. sxboicexb

    Mix up

    So I’ve got liquid Cialis and liquid Viagra. Besides I’ve got a few bottles of each. So it’s not like I could try one and the other. Has anybody found any affective way to tell the difference between the two based solely off of looks, tastes, or any other way? There was a slight incident which...
  14. sxboicexb

    Any Suggested Programs?

    Anyone on here coaching, personal training, etc. I would like to know about some great programs that will help me acquire a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training, nutrition, marketing, etc. etc. taking any and all suggestions. I am looking at increasing my base pay with some continued...
  15. sxboicexb

    Stock Pile TD

    Added some more to the shelf. Nothing feels closer to Christmas than a nice TD. Tri-blend, TPP/NPP/MastP, Anadrol, T3, and some Adex. Would rather have it than not need it. Than need it and not have it! Stoked to pop these suckers open. [emoji1591] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. sxboicexb

    What are you using?

    I need to start using more protective equipment. I’ve fallen in love with my weight lifting straps and belt. I do notice that my knees and elbows get a little wonky depending on the volume/load I’m training at. I’m starting to handle weights I’ve never touched before. Long story short, I...
  17. sxboicexb

    HDL and LDL Control

    What are some things that are known to keep your HDL and LDL in balance when on cycle or even TRT? I want to hear how the vets have taken care of their health markers over the years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. sxboicexb

    1st TD

    Trying to pop my buddies AAS cherry. He wanted some diuretics for his photo shoots. Sure enough USPS was a bit delayed but it reached the local post office in **** days. My roommate is satisfied! I’m not extremely knowledgeable about diuretics but he’s saying they are working. Sent from my...
  19. sxboicexb

    Lab Results?

    I’ve placed a small order but am hesitant to place a bigger order risking under dosed gear. Or gear that isn’t what it says it is. Does King have any lab results?
  20. sxboicexb

    New to GC

    Can someone PM me? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk