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  1. newbulk

    First order landing

    Thanks GC for your communication and efficiency. Fast T/A and nice looking gear. Can't wait to run this npp and var in a few months
  2. newbulk

    Tristyn lee bf

    I was flipping thru IG and came across tristyn Lee's IG and a video of him showing getting caliper tested at 5% bf then hydrostatic water testing at 4.4% saying he kept that for 2 years.... wtf??? Also at 19/20 what do you think he is on for such gains so young?
  3. newbulk

    2022 Arnold classic

    Who wants to take early bets on the winner for open bodybuilding competition. Men’s Open Bodybuilding William Bonac (Netherlands) Rafael Brandão (Brasil) Maxx Charles (USA) Brandon Curry (USA) Samson Dauda (United Kingdom) Nathan De Asha (United Kingdom) Regan Grimes (Canada) Steve...
  4. newbulk

    80/20 eating - recipes for the 20

    Figured I'd share some food recipes I make for my 10-20% non-clean macros. Outside of the normal eating like chicken, rice, pasta, steak etc I tend to make some cheesecakes, different variations of "bread" on the go egg muffins etc. To note: I get these from different sources around the web, I...
  5. newbulk

    Newbulks PSL log - 1st Test Cycle

    What's up guys Taking the journey of my first cycle today as there is no other better birthday gift then Goals. Huge huge shout out to my brother Vision for hooking me up with this awesome cycle, you've been a big help in my preparation , so I appreciate you brother! Alright, little...
  6. newbulk

    Anavar and blood clotting

    So wife is on var right now, her second cycle, and she is having oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal at the end of May. Her var cycle is scheduled to stop end of April. Questions does var increase risk or cause blood clotting? If risk, will a Month off be enough time to reduce clotting...
  7. newbulk

    StraightUpKratom log

    Hey guys I was picked for the Kratom log. I've never took this before so im really interested to try it. I currently have left elbow pain when doing anything, cutting a sandwich causes slight pain. I had surgery on both feet last year,, so I have somewhat recent interaction with medical...
  8. newbulk


    Hey guys Quick question for t3 usage. My wife, stats 5'2" 130. Getting back to her pre-baby weight 118-120lb. She is in a current calorie deficit at 1350 calories in percentage 35/35/F 30 Goal lose last 10 before starting her first var cycle. Her ECA stack will be two doses Morning...
  9. newbulk

    Creating a pre workout

    Just wondering if anyone had a good source for raw: beta alanine citrulline Creatine L-arginine Bcaas Whey protein I don't like all the stuff on the market that's overpriced so I figured Id make my own. I found a few sites online, but just curious if anyone had strong feelings about a raw source.
  10. newbulk

    Stomach virus recovery

    Anyone have a stomach virus not eat for 4 days? I look like a cracked out version on myself since I haven't eaten a thing besides crackers which came out. I was Hitting PRs in my lifts, and the morning after thanksgiving it hits me, ironically in the gym at 4am and ran to the bathroom. Last...
  11. newbulk

    High caloric shake

    Hey guys, So I am having a difficult time eating meals throughout the day. With a normal 9-5, running a side business, a non profit and having a newborn it's been more difficult than I thought. I have been doing my best, but just seem to fall short. Does anyone have this same issue, if so is...
  12. newbulk

    Work out cut short

    Hey guys quick question, in my years of working out I've completed them all besides injuries. This morning my was cut short. I only got 3 sets of db bench and pull ups completed. I'm natty, is it fine to restart my workout tomorrow or should I wait until my next scheduled day (tuesday) Thanks
  13. newbulk

    meal plan overview

    so after buying a house, changing careers and having a kid (5 month old now). I getting back to what I need. Attached is a overview of my meal plan. calories and portions will be adjusted as I will be cutting my dad fat then building back up. any input is appreciated. if it cannot be read bc of...
  14. newbulk

    Investment opportunities

    Hey guys put your finance hat on. I own a finance company and just reaching out to see if anyone is interested in my client or knows of anyone. I see you guys as my brothers and I want to be able to help. My investor had to back out due to family matters which leaves me in a pickle to find my...
  15. newbulk

    Back into this after months.. diet lookover

    Here is my meal plan. After the house moving in with the parentz until i find my nee house and having some other life events happen I finally get to come home (the gym). Any suggestions are welcome and I am still looking for a good post workout carb, I was thinking karbolic but open to...
  16. newbulk

    Wife new job/diet

    Hey guys looking for suggestions if there is any... so my wife got a new job were she doesnt have access to microwave Normally her lunch is chicken sweet potatoe and veggies. Im fine with eating cold chicken n all but its not the top of her list. Anything you can think of to subsitute for...
  17. newbulk

    House selling

    Me and the misses are trying to sell our house by ourselves. It just hit the market on monday on the mls and tons of different websites. Saturday we are doing a brokers open house so I pray that goes well to sell this damn thing. Getting the house prepared and fixing it up has def put a dent in...
  18. newbulk

    Who primes before a cycle?

    The ultimate goal is to start a cycle as lean as possible to have a better affect, im wondering who primes before? Review below, (from another forum but great information to know) ...." Frequently, athletes research how to better layout an anabolic-androgenic steroid cycle, as well as proper...
  19. newbulk

    Rc labs TD

  20. newbulk

    Protein pancakes for breakfast

    ingredients eggs white one egg and scoop of etb cinnamon roll protein. Is it bad to have these every morning for breakfast? My wife doesnt do well with breakfast food besides just eggs so we wanted to ask if there are any underlying issues with having them.