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  1. Wing187

    Eating breakfast with no appetite

    Breakfast has always been tough for me. I'm just not hungry. For a while now I've been making a shake with raw egg whites, oats, peanut butter, and banana. But I've recently read that only half of the egg protein gets digested if eaten raw.... I hate scrambled eggs, and I hate cooking in the...
  2. Wing187

    Anadrol for cutting???

    I have previously used an Anadrol on a "clean bulk" successfully while on maintenance calories. I felt full and pumped and vascular as hell, with little water retention. I had a very clean diet cause of my concern with the retention. I'm thinking about running anadrol with maybe EQ for a recomp/...
  3. Wing187

    Tren alternatives?

    Looking for some ideas. Obviously nothing can compare to tren. My body literally transformed in front of my eyes. But I am so fuckin angry on it, promised myself I wouldn't run it again. What's some stack ideas with similar affects? Thinking maybe NPP and Mast.? Ideas please...
  4. Wing187

    Anadrol Winstrol cycle

    Looking to run anadrol with winstrol (with test obviously). I've heard people running 25mgs of each ed, I just recently heard you can run anadrol 3 days a week, then winstrol 3 days a week and that supposedly helps reduce nasty sides. Or should i run anadrol then finish with winstrol? Just...
  5. Wing187

    New Member

    What's up fellas. Glad to be here. I am a chef and bodybuilding enthusiast. About to take NASM CPT course as well. I am 32 years old, 5'11", 192 lbs, about 12% bf. Just started a "clean bulk" cycle with fairly low dose deca and cyp, throwing in winstrol towards the end. Thank you for having me...