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  1. BackDB78


    Been pretty interested in GLP-1, but am unsure exactly how to dose it. Literature varies been IM injections 1x per week and then every day. At everyday it'd be far to expensive but 1x a week very doable. The source I've found has 1mg and 3mg. Obviously this is for fat/weight loss. The other...
  2. BackDB78

    RC Labs Test E Bloods

    Everyone can take this as they want. I didn't get the test that went over 1500, so can I promise my shit is dosed correctly. Nope. Also this batch is marked Feb 2018 so beyond that I can't make any claims for any other batches. Just wanted to share it, do with it what you want. I also didn't...
  3. BackDB78

    Chronic Back Pain

    Whats up guys, as much as my posts probably suggest I am a pain/work free person, the one part of me that sometimes severely suffers is my lower back. Between cortizone shots and PT, its basically non existent however on days it does pop up and by pop I mean full force flares. I sometime find it...
  4. BackDB78


    Is there some sort of world wide shortage of HCG right now? Can't find anyone domestically with it in stock, which ironically is the last key to the puzzle to hit another blast here ASAP. Been trying to wait it out but starting to get impatient. Any advice here bros? Running a cycle without it...