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  1. Tris10


    Dudes Helios are great.. That is all
  2. Tris10

    GLP-1 Reconstitution ?

    I’ve done this with HGH plenty of times but my brain isn’t figuring this out. Help lol if the vial is 1mg and I put in 1ml of BAC then each IU would be … How much ?
  3. Tris10

    Black tops Td

    Its my first run with Ace and just got my black tops in. ill probably order a few more boxes soon
  4. Tris10


    I post this a lot here lol Tren Hex Primo Atipp Anavar Winn Proviron Nolvadex Thanks again, GC
  5. Tris10


    Does anyone know anything about women taking proviron? I've tried doing some research and although I have found some, there isn't a lot. What I found was 25mg a day is a good dose. "In combination with a diet, report an accelerated fat breakdown and continuously harder muscles." I LOVE...
  6. Tris10

    order issue

    Idk who an active rep is. Can whoever is pm me, please. Thanks...
  7. Tris10

    Another TD

    Very quick, as usual. Tren hex primo Atipp tren/mast 150 proviron anavar test c Thanks again!
  8. Tris10

    Source for Humalog

    Feel Free to Pm me any sources/info. Thanks in advance!
  9. Tris10

    My Experience

    If you want to call it that... First order. I chose WU, they said they weren't accepting WU. Order Cancelled. Second order.. Never received any further info. Messaged a Rep, he said they never received anything and to resubmit my order. Which leads to my third order... Third order... Once...
  10. Tris10


    Extremely fast td this time, too! Excited to try the double base out.
  11. Tris10

    Winstrol inj..

    So, I tried to draw out the water based Winstrol with a 20g and it wouldn't draw. I bought 18g to draw today, along with 22g to pin but my concern is that i'm not going to be able to push it back out of the 22g if I cant draw it out with a 20g. I've used water based in the past without this...
  12. Tris10

    First TD

    Received my first Td! He threw in a couple extras since it took a little longer. It didn’t take long enough for me to expect or deserve the extras but I was excited to see them regardless.
  13. Tris10


    Anyone ever heard anything or ordered?
  14. Tris10

    Good DNP

    Good sources for DNP? Thanks in advance
  15. Tris10


    Paxton pharma became Vaultek.. Does anyone know what name they’re under now
  16. Tris10

    HLPC testing

    Is anaboliclabs trustworthy? If there are any other sites for testing that you guys suggest, lmk. Thanks!!
  17. Tris10

    Opinions on which lab

    Ive used dragon. Any opinions or preferences on the other labs pharma has on their site?
  18. Tris10

    Rip-Stack 300 reviews?

    Any info is appreciated
  19. Tris10

    domestic or international?

    Looked on the site and didn't see anything
  20. Tris10

    Another Finaplix ?

    On basskillers website, the finaplix to tren conversion says you need two carts of finaplix for that conversion.. Is there 2 carts in one box (10 ds), or would i need to order 2 boxes?? Thanks in advance!