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  1. mastiff

    Shocking Cuomo Can Murder People

    Well this shouldn't surprise anyone. That scumbag Cuomo put all the covid patients in nursing homes thereby subjecting the actual people that were at risk of death. Now the DOJ says there won't be any investigation into it. Funny do you think if a Republican governor was in that state there...
  2. mastiff

    A Tribute to Custom's Corner

    This was a time when every other thread wasn't about politics or the end of the world. Customs Corner used to be an almost weekly staple of who had beef in the PIT- Custom's Corner: Interview with HFO3 (anabolicsteroidforums.com) Custom's Corner: Interview with illegal alien Bullrush...
  3. mastiff

    NFL Streams

    For anyone that wants to stream any NFL games here is a link. If your like me and your team isn't in your market you can watch every game. You can even get the RedZone channel. Also use a VPN but you will get some popups. Just close them out close them out the links work. I have been using this...
  4. mastiff

    Pathetic People Begging for Free Stimulus Money

    Former Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson is giving away $1,000 "stimulus" checks to his twitter followers. He asked them to post there cashapp ID and he will randomly choose people. Apparently he pledged to give away $250,000. That isn't such a bad thing I guess. The fucking pukes asking on...
  5. mastiff

    Bills vs Patriots Annual Dildo game This Weekend

    Well it's that time of year again where the Patriots visit the bills. Since 2016 fans have thrown dildos on the field with Tom Brady's name on them. I can only hope that tradition continues this year. “It’s Patriots week, and that we have to contemplate if some fan is going throw a dildo on...
  6. mastiff

    You guys need to get to meso now!!!

    Apparently the hacker is posting at Meso about shutting down BOP and another foum. Link below. This is scary shit. https://thinksteroids.com/community/threads/steroid-forums.134398522/page-3
  7. mastiff

    Should People Sentenced to Death Have The Right to a Humane Execution?

    Where I live Scott Dozier was sentneced to death but had a stay of execution due to using the drug Midazolam. Many people are against using it because prisoners feel pain and can take a while to die when it's administered. I did some searching and apparently even the inventor doesn't want it...
  8. mastiff

    NBA Getting Rid of The Term Owner

    Am I so out of touch or callous that now the NBA wants to get rid of the term "Team Owners" because it's insensitive and has ties to slavery given the demographic? Fuck the guys that put out the money own the fucking team no more no less. This isn't a cotton plantation for Christ's sake. I am...
  9. mastiff

    Winstrol Depot Recipes

    Anyone have a decent winstrol depot in oil recipe? I tried the below recipe at 50mg/mL and still couldn't get everything to dissolve. I had a thin "cake" layer on the bottom. It filtered clear and what did dissolve didn't crash. I tried searching but couldn't find many current ones. Recipe-...
  10. mastiff

    Should ASF Have Its Own Reality Show?

    I think we need to conatct a network about starting film production. Hell there are shows about cooking, buying storage lockers, shipping stuff, making knifes, gold mining and the list goes on. It could be many members living in a house with trannies getting snuck in and out the back door. Guys...
  11. mastiff

    Bills Fans Throw Dildos

    I am not a bills fan but I have to say greatest fanbase ever :). Especially since they only do it when the Patriots come to town 3 years running now...
  12. mastiff

    Buchner Funnel Filtering To Slow

    So I have been brewing for a few years now. Started with syringe filters back in the day and last couple years use bottle tops with glass media bottles. I decided to spend a little extra cash and get a porcelain 90mm Buchner funnel (I have another Buchner on the way with a pore plate but this...
  13. mastiff

    Bump for a Good Supplier

    I have just recently received orders I placed for both raws and HGH. Everything from price, customer service, and T/A have been awesome. I highly recommending giving Rawhormone a try you won't be disappointed.