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  1. jolter604

    I want blue hearts (dbol)

    Last time I had those was like 6 years ago I got like 1000 on naps. I have not checked out naps in years.
  2. jolter604

    Female Squirting. Study

    I guess I'm am addicted to drinking clit urine juice Mom has to he proud hahahhaha
  3. jolter604

    Food thread

    Put this in at 5am for a 10 hr cook to came home to scraps hahahahaah
  4. jolter604

    cheat meal

    I would take that to the face like a juicy ass lmao
  5. jolter604

    Look at her pooper

    Re a double grabber [emoji857][emoji857][emoji857][emoji857]
  6. jolter604

    Food thread

    Making some ribs with some loaded jalapeno scallop potato And some baked carrots
  7. jolter604

    Look at her pooper

    Tren holsters
  8. jolter604

    Dave Chappelle attacked on stage

    Heard the dude identified as a retarded turtle nazis.
  9. jolter604

    Is it wrong to go through your child's/teenagers cell phone?

    Not if your under the impression there doing something that is not safe or life threatening.
  10. jolter604


    What about jelly roll lol
  11. jolter604


    Zues and fall are pretty good on the freeway doing 95
  12. jolter604

    Funny Thread

    I always thought that meant I would have to eat out his chick after the fight. Like as a polite thing. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15]
  13. jolter604

    Funny Thread

    Wow man
  14. jolter604

    Please ASF members I really need your help here

    I had same thing happen toe aber threatening me and told me he knew my address and told me the city I live in. I screen shot the dm and sure enough it was altered latter and when I sent the dude the screen shot they disappeared. So that is why I do not post much hear anymore . And when I made...
  15. jolter604

    Funny Thread

    Wait are those chic dudes or just dudes with stick pussies????
  16. jolter604

    More BS from J.Biden..!

    Them barrels of gas are going up fast like Cheeto man said. Oh wait his whole open agenda gave us a warning on inflation. Helps the ozone
  17. jolter604

    Other Boards

    Yes it's seen just maybe in the pit. You have to scroll threw all the porn threads lmao
  18. jolter604

    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    Man 10 million in Biden tax dollars of hospital gear damaged by rain.
  19. jolter604

    Nfl Madden dies

    Rip legend