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  1. Warchild

    I think I found my favorite stack

    I told myself I swore tren off after turning 40. Did a few fantastic cycles with great results. TPP/NPP/Mast P is a phenomenal example and then I did a run of TPP/NPP/DHB and it would have been so much better if I wouldn’t have brewed the two short esters with the DHB because it does have...
  2. Warchild

    Contest prize porn

    I’m late to be posting this because I have been traveling so hadn’t had a chance to get my mail. Package was in great shape and love the packaging of the actual gear. About to pin and hit the gym so thanks again!
  3. Warchild


    Decided to brew up a nice summer blend and couldn’t think of a better blend to try out then this one. Have them each at 100 mgs/ml so will probably run it at 1ml EOD. Did a 50/50 blend of MCT and EO with 2% BA and 18% BB. Fell into solution pretty fast as would be expected with the EO. I have to...
  4. Warchild

    Hot plate suggestions

    Looking to get away from doing the stove top method and am curious about hot plates with the magnetic stirring. Seems to be a pretty large divide on price point. I don’t want to spend $250 bucks on one if the $60 one does the same functions. Anyone have any suggestions or personal...
  5. Warchild

    Raw powder displacements

    If anyone has any that would be useful post them up.
  6. Warchild

    Canadian Truckers

  7. Warchild

    Igf-1 Des

    From what I understand this version is the best for hyperplasia. I want to incorporate IGF into my protocols but not sure which route to go with it. I hear pre workout is great for pumps but site injections are better for Des. Are benefits to running both and would this take the place of my GH?
  8. Warchild

    The Russia head fake

    I have a working theory that Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine and that Washington knows that. Meanwhile the media bangs the war drums because it gives them something to cover instead of Brandon’s horrible presidency while also knowing Russia is not going to invade. That way when it is...
  9. Warchild

    Biotest Plazma

    Have any of you tried this stuff? I have been looking at some of their supplements and it seems like they are backed up with some decent studies but the price point is steep but if they work I don’t mind spending the money. I want a good intra workout drink and have been using the Jym dextrose...
  10. Warchild

    Gallup ends 74 year tradition

    For 74 years Gallup has done a poll to determine the most admired person in the world. In 2020 the results of the poll were that Trump was the most admired person in the world with 18% of the vote, ending a 12 year run by Obama. There has been no mention of the results for 2021 but the smart...
  11. Warchild

    I have to brag

    I have an amazing wife that unfortunately lost her mother to breast cancer. It hit her so hard and she really went through some serious depression. It got so bad that I started feeling like I was failing as a husband because I couldn’t fix it. That being said over the past few months we have...
  12. Warchild

    Pickle Juice for cramping

    Not sure if this goes in supplements or nutrition but I just wanted to share a game changer for me. I have always suffered from cramps when I do crazy intensity training bouts. Even when supplementing with the usual suspects like magnesium, zinc, taurine etc. what I have found that works the...
  13. Warchild

    GC Primo

    Just curious as to volumes people have pinned at one time with GC primo. I want to run 600 primo, 400 eq, and 400 test ISO for 20 weeks so trying to get a realistic pin schedule. That would only be 9ml a week so curious if a MWF schedule would work, I know primo can have some bite.
  14. Warchild

    Iced coffee in your post workout shake

    I have been in a cut now for the past six weeks. Started out doing carb cycling and just really couldn’t get in the groove with it. I had issues with my stomach, cramping, insomnia, and just a really miserable two weeks. So I decided I needed to change approach and just stick with the tried and...
  15. Warchild

    Primo stack

    I have 3 weeks left of my current cycle of npp/mast/prop and am getting ready to start getting things in place for my annual long cycle early spring. I know I want to run primo at 600mgs/week and am leaning towards a low dose test at 100mgs/week and Mast E at 300mgs/week. My questions are has...
  16. Warchild

    Omicron variant

    Sure is convenient to have another variant when poll numbers are in a free fall, supply chain is a mess, and inflation is cranking. Not to mention the call for mail in voting will be aggressively ramped up. The president of SA has slammed the knee jerk reaction of travel bans, apparently banning...
  17. Warchild

    GC Clen

    Just wanted to give my 2 cents on GC Clen, this stuff is the real deal Holyfield. Third day at 50 mcgs and all of the telltale signs are there. Elevated heart rate for about 4 hours post dose and sweating like a pig in the gym. Supplementing with Taurine to avoid major cramping. I usually get...
  18. Warchild

    Another smooth delivery

    Been in this camp since doors opened on this board and never been happier. Received my pack in lightning time as always. Communication was top notch and I know the gear is fire. Picked up some TPP/NPP/Mast P, var, clen, and T3 and the wife got some var, clen, and t3. Running a nice 8 week short...
  19. Warchild

    Tren Hex

    Looking for some first hand on hex. Wanting to run primo for 16 weeks at 500mgs per week with 250mgs of Test and thinking of something that would go nice with it. From what I read these will go well with the hex but wanted any insight from actual experience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Warchild

    Primo mix

    Curious if there is a recipe on here for primo e, mast e, test e, and tren e. Anyone had any success with this mix or one similar? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk