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  1. KrossOut

    thread closed.

    Now is a mod going to delete the thread “Krossout is a Baby Raper”? Or are we going to play games for a while? It’s a bad look for your forum. If you want to clutter it with disgusting bullshit titled threads then we can clutter it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. KrossOut

    Mindless Neg Train

    Fuck it. Let’s do this properly then. MindlessWork use to be known as CTPump on bodybuilding.com. BB.com had general fitness logs that even teenagers would use. Mindless was apparently really fond of a 16 yr old girl’s log. Uncomfortably so. She ended up leaving the forum because Mindless...
  3. KrossOut

    Suggest a Cycle for MindlessWork

    I think it’s about time Mindless runs another cycle. Can you believe in ALL the years the guy has been on Steroid forums he’s only ever run THREE cycles. Let’s use our collective community minds to design Mindless a killer cycle. Maybe he can log it with some before and after pics so we can...
  4. KrossOut

    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    Let’s start the “healing”. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. KrossOut

    Delusional Dumbfuck Redneck Trumper Talk (sic)

    Sorry to start yet another political thread but I was motivated by Lifter6973 who said he’d stay the fuck out and leave us alone. TO BE CLEAR, THIS IS NOT A DEBATE THREAD. This is for those of us that wish to discuss Trump and the moves he might make during the next month. This is not for...