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    sounds like you guys were on the verge of having a seizure. The intense tightness that occurs when your muscles lock, almost like a really hard flex happens during seizures and can lead to Rhabdomyolysis which would require liquids to get pumped back into your body.
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    I'm the same way. If I keep my use low and stick to around 15-20mg before the gym and maybe another dose when I have a ton of work, I'll be focused but won't really have much physical energy (although I'll have a little more if I chew them, i.e. abuse them) but generally, if I'm not already...
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    Gun to Ur Head: U can do 3 exercises for the rest of ur life: What are they gunna be?

    Chin-ups, dips, dead lifts (probably with a trap bar)…. Man, a fourth exercise would really be helpful but I guess that would defeat the purpose lol
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    That makes a lot of sense. There have been numerous studies linking untreated ADD to substance abuse issues, self-medicating, and just higher probability of drug use in general. Of course there are some people who go overboard with the Adderall and wind up abusing that drug. Some of those...
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    Hey everyone, hope all is well. I just received my first order from Alpha Sigma, and these fellas are on point. Although they offer free shipping, which I will be taking advantage of, I was a little tight on time and needed the products ordered quickly to start my cycle as planned. I paid the...
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    That's probably for the best brotha.... but hey, at least addies don't have sugar lol
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    Honestly, if you don't use addies now, and you're doing fine as is, it's nothing you should add. They can definitely cause anxiety if you take too high a dose, mix them with other uppers, or are not used to it. I personally have used both, and worked out on both, but I wouldn't advise that...
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    Mixing Cialis in makes a lot of sense. I should have thought of that, I'm sure that would likely negate any constrictions that may occur as a side effect of the Adderall. I'll have to give that a try. Although quick clarification, I prefer the IR, not the XR. I think the XR can be useful...
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    I've been a huge fan of using addies for working out for years now. Although I have been legitimately diagnosed with ADD, the doctor would write me a script for 30mg XR pills. I personally prefer the IR pills as my schedule can be inconsistent and even when you think the XR's have run their...
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    Monster Labs

    I might be a little late to this conversation, but I've been using Monster for about 4 years now and have never had any serious issues with them. On one occasion, the shipping took a little longer than expected, and on another occasion, it took a little longer than usual to receive the tracking...
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    24roid.biz source check

    Gotcha, thanks for the response, I apologize for the rule violation, my mistake. Thanks again
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    24roid.biz source check

    Hey everyone, hope all is well. Quick question, has anyone here ever used, or know anything about a source called 24roid.biz? They have a pretty good selection that includes some reputable brands at decent prices. They also appear to have a customer service system in place. However, there are a...
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    basicstero promo code?

    Anyone feel like being a pal and giving me a promo code for basicstero pharacom labs? I'd appreciate it, but no big deal. Thanks everyone
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    Anyone every try the M-Sten from Amino Asylum?

    Thanks bud, gonna give it a shot.
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    Anyone every try the M-Sten from Amino Asylum?

    Hello everyone, Quick question, has anyone ever tried M-Sten from Amino Asylum? I've used Amino Asylum several times in the past and have never had a bad experience, however, despite 23 years of lifting and 5-6 year on gear, I don't know a whole lot about Pro-Hormones. I tried Superdrol once...
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    pride event to charge white people up to $50 in ‘reparations’

    The unfortunate thing is, while these predominantly privileged, elitist, college kids and other young people are throwing a celebration in which they literally put a value on a person without regard to their character, and by their own words have essentially opted to self-segregate - something I...
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    Relapsed hard

    Relapse is part of the recovery process. You cannot change what occurred, just think about what triggers may have led to the relapse. Generally these triggers involve people, places, and things. Anyway, no judgement here, not labeling you or diagnosing you, I just wish the best for you. I've...
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    Test e 250 & eq 200

    Solid combination, especially for a long term cycle. Although it's true, EQ results can take a while to show (at least aesthetically, the increase in red blood cells, endurance, strength, and even lower water retention may be apparent more quickly), I've been curious to see what type of results...
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    Maximizing Mind-Muscle Connection for Weight Lifting Success

    Nice post; mind muscle connection definitely has a substantial number of benefits. By any chance do you have the links to any of the studies you cited or any similar studies related to mind-muscle connection? I have a friend who is a psychologist / psycho-pharmacologist and is interested in...
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    Suspicious delivery text

    Thank you bro, I got suspicious when I tried to call the phone # and it just rang with no voice mail, usps would have and automated system (I’m on hold with them now). Thank you for confirming, I appreciate it.