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  1. NotoriousDev25

    Steroid Acne

    I’m curious to know what you guys do to keep acne away while on Cycle?
  2. NotoriousDev25

    Dbol dosage times

    I’ve heard that it doesn’t matter, but when taking Dbol do you take the full dose before workout or split it up into two doses throughout the day? I’m basing this off of 50mg tabs, but if you use 10mg, feel free to tell us how you do it as well.
  3. NotoriousDev25

    Rep Range

    I know rep range depends on the goal and it varies from time to time.. but what’s everyone’s most used rep range? What works best for you? & what rep range do you think is best to improve strength & improve physique?
  4. NotoriousDev25

    Longest Dbol Cycle

    What’s the longest Dbol cycle you have ever ran & at what dosage.. what’s the longest oral you’ve ever ran?
  5. NotoriousDev25

    First Time Customer

    I will be buying Monster Dbol 50mg & Adex 1mg tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone up to date on the TD & quality of the gear. I already have couple bottles of Test E 300mg on hand. Plan on running 600mg of Test E a week for 12 weeks & Dbol 50mg ED for 4 weeks.
  6. NotoriousDev25

    Muscle Tears & Injuries

    I could be asking a dumb question here, but I’m gonna do it anyway lol.. So I was wondering how do muscle tears happen? Is it just from lifting too heavy? Luckily I haven’t experienced one yet, however I never want to either. What would you guys suggest to avoid muscle tears & or any kind of...
  7. NotoriousDev25

    Favorite Bulk Cycle?

    What’s everyones favorite bulk cycle? & what was your best Cycle for gaining mass, what source did you use?
  8. NotoriousDev25

    Biceps & Triceps

    Actually sitting at the gym rn about to hit arms.. I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best bicep & tricep workout to add overall size to the arm?
  9. NotoriousDev25


    Whose the best source to get orals from? Speak from experience
  10. NotoriousDev25

    Favorite Exercises

    What’s everybodys favorite exercise for each muscle group? Chest, Back, Bicep, Tricep, Legs, etc. What exercise do you feel is most effective for you?
  11. NotoriousDev25

    Monster Labs?

    Anybody used Monster? Been reading though their forum & everything seems gtg.. thinking about placing a really big order mid February. Looking to get some Test E, Deca, & Dbol.. anybody have any experience with those products though monster?
  12. NotoriousDev25

    Other forums?

    I was just wondering if any of you guys were members on other websites as well or just loyal to asf? Personally ASF is the only forum I’ve used.
  13. NotoriousDev25

    Needles & Syringes

    I’m not really sure if this is allowed or not, but if it isn’t then just completely ignore this.. I was just wondering where everyone gets their needles & syringes? I use to get mine off a very commonly used online site, but I guess they no longer have them in stock. I looked through a couple...
  14. NotoriousDev25

    Marijuana & Weight Lifting

    Just wondering what everyone’s out look on this is? Many people claim that it helps them with downing food during a bulk. However, some claim that it pulls them away from their diet and makes them lazy.. Ive smoked on and off my entire life, but personally it makes me lazy and for some reason...
  15. NotoriousDev25

    New Member

    Hey guys I just joined today, although i have been reading and going through these forums for years now. I actually joined to hopefully get some knowledge on good sources and not get screwed over by bad ones. I have personally only ordered from one source and I got bunk gear.. hoping for a...