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  1. Kronik187


    Just got my first order so far I'm very impressed overall with AS labs great communication, super fast shipping packaged nice and secure, and the prices were very reasonable. I like the way you guys do business I will definitely make another order in the future. I will post updates on the gear...
  2. Kronik187

    Good sups for prostate health

    I've been taking saw palmetto for prostate health I tried beta sitosterol but I read a study where their research found it can cause ed. So here's my question is there something better out there to naturally aid in prostate health and prevent possible growth due to prolonged aas use?
  3. Kronik187

    21's bicep curl

    Anybody else doing 21s or 777 I'm doing the traditional 21 bicep curl but I have recently started doing this with other types of bicep exercises. I usually finish with this when doing arms because the pumps are so intense my biceps feel like they will tear in half if I do more
  4. Kronik187

    Is there anything better then hcg?

    Is there anything better then hcg while on cycle to keep the testicles from atrophy. I've heard of hmg but don't have any first hand experience with it.
  5. Kronik187

    Healthiest carbs

    I've always been a brown rice guy especially brown jasmine. Recently I've been getting into bulgur wheat and freekeh but I'm always looking for suggestions of other healthy carbs or whole grains to add to my diet.
  6. Kronik187

    Best routine?

    I know there's a science behind this but everybody's body is different I'm looking to find out what is the best weight lifting routine. I've seen best results with a 3 day split using supersets training six days a week. Day one chest and back, day two legs, shoulders and abbs, day three arms bis...
  7. Kronik187

    New to ASF

    I'm new to the forum it's good to find a place where I can get a little more educated thru the community of members who from what I have seen so far are very helpful with advice from their own personal experience.