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  1. Over_50

    Guitar Heads 2.o

    And of course Stevie!! This whole show is nothing short of fucking amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5sqJNFFwqc
  2. Over_50

    Guitar Heads 2.o

    Glen Campbell was a hell of a player also. A member of the Wrecking crew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fqN4zgqf78
  3. Over_50

    Guitar Heads 2.o

    Roy Clark was a beast! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSLWd84lSEA
  4. Over_50

    Last pic last week of cycle

    Nobody can argue with success! Great Job !
  5. Over_50

    NEW Nootropic - Mood Enhancer coming

  6. Over_50

    TRUTH Social

    I'm in. I'm on the other forum, I'll get in on this one.
  7. Over_50


    Anyone ever used it and what did you think about it?
  8. Over_50

    NEW Nootropic - Mood Enhancer coming

    Labels ever show?
  9. Over_50

    NEW Nootropic - Mood Enhancer coming

    Any word?
  10. Over_50

    Milligram scale recommendations?

    Thanks Wes ! I'll check it out. Making my own is a new adventure so, I definitely will be mixing on the low side at first to try and avoid any "mistakes".
  11. Over_50

    Milligram scale recommendations?

    Anybody use one and how do you like it? Too damn many to choose from.
  12. Over_50

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving ! - - - Updated - - - Happy Thanksgiving !
  13. Over_50

    NEW Nootropic - Mood Enhancer coming

    Oh man! I am definitely in for one or tow of these.
  14. Over_50

    JP Jano results

  15. Over_50

    JP Jano results

    HAHAHAHA!! Another keyboard cowboy running his dick sucker!
  16. Over_50

    JP Jano results

    HAHAHAHA!!! Your just mad, you got called out for lying. But I see how you can relate to this guy. He was full of shit just like you! You also thought you got bunk gear from JP. You two clowns got no business doing gear. Maybe you two knuckleheads can join up with the other goofball in...
  17. Over_50

    Say a Prayer

    Prayers Sent !
  18. Over_50

    4 weeks into JP cycle

    I call BULLSHIT !!! This is a HIT JOB !!! Even if you got it on the 28th (which you indicate you didn't receive it yet). It has only been 3 weeks. :nono:
  19. Over_50

    Critical Race Theory and the communist takeover

    HAHAHAHA!! Geez! That may be true! But that has nothing to do with how much companies pay their employees. Stay focused grasshopper!