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  1. WetStuffRedStuff

    Tren Ace

    I know it’s different for everyone, but I’m just curious when Tren ACE actually starts working for you in terms of visual changes and strength. Also, when you start noticing side effects. For me the side effects start about 5 days in. I’ll get a bit heavier breathing and acid reflux starts, and...
  2. WetStuffRedStuff

    Heart Check Up Recommendations

    Let me start with this. Back in August of last year I got Covid (delta variant) for the first time. Prior to getting Covid I just assumed that if I got it that it wouldn’t be a big deal. I am young, active, I believe healthy for the most part (besides using PED’s) and I figured it would be just...
  3. WetStuffRedStuff


    I know there is a protocol that you would like to see used when getting blood work, and I want to say right off the bat that I did not follow that protocol before getting my blood drawn today. That being said, would you still like for me to post my results in this thread when I get them back...
  4. WetStuffRedStuff

    Primo Enanthate

    So from what I see around the forums, It’s hard to find legit Primo these days. I see GC carries it at 100mg/ml and I am wondering who here has used it in the past, specifically from GC. 1.) what’s a good dose to run this compound? 2.) what dose did YOU run? 3.) what did you experience when...
  5. WetStuffRedStuff


    Holy hell, the turnaround time was literally Amazon status. Crazy fast I ordered a lot of shit too, and it was all there and accounted for, not one thing missing or wrong. Communication was good and everything looks perfect. I picked up some of the TRI-blend, some Tren Ace, Mast Prop, Test...
  6. WetStuffRedStuff

    Test/Tren ratio for Summer months

    Just curious for those of you who use Tren and enjoy it… when wanting to just look diced up for Summer what do you prefer.. Test Tren of equal roses High test, low tren Low test, higher Tren
  7. WetStuffRedStuff

    Blood work 525mg Test E

    Been running 525mg Test E per week since January 7th. First couple of weeks I was pinning daily and the last couple of weeks I’ve been pinning 150mg EOD. Blood was drawn yesterday morning, last pin before that was the day before (150mg) All I got done was Total T, just wanted a quick result to...
  8. WetStuffRedStuff


    DISCLAIMER: I know everyone is different. I know everyone metabolizes drugs differently and I know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to any of this. So now that that’s out of the way. I know most of us have run a “standard” cycle of 500mg of Test per week. How much Arimidex did...
  9. WetStuffRedStuff


    Overseas pharmacy, I used them years ago and they were legit. Is that still the general consensus?
  10. WetStuffRedStuff


    Will GC ever offer Caber?
  11. WetStuffRedStuff

    Well this sucks…

    But, it could be worse right? PLEASE READ, and please offer advice and read my plan below and what you would change or what I could do better Thank you so much ***Seeking GOOD SOLID advice on what to do.*** I was on my 4th warm up set today on bench press. I benched the bar for 20 reps...
  12. WetStuffRedStuff

    Vacation & Gear

    I live in the US, and I am traveling next month within the US for vacation and we will be flying. It’s right in the middle of my cycle and I want to continue my pins regularly without missing. Have any of you loaded your pins and mailed them to yourself at the hotel or resort you stayed at in...
  13. WetStuffRedStuff

    Transitioning from off-season to contest prep

    I have never competed in bodybuilding, or physique or any kind of show whatsoever. So this may be a dumb question, but I’m going to ask it anyway because I’m curious. I’m sure the answer to this question depends on timing, as in, when the date of the actual show is etc….. but let’s say a guy...
  14. WetStuffRedStuff

    GC’s Arimidex

    I recently picked up some GC 1mg Adex tabs and im about to start using them. Does anyone here have any experience with GC’s Arimidex?
  15. WetStuffRedStuff

    Very High Calories

    So I’m curious as to who else needs a high number of calories to gain weight. It’s mind boggling to me that my body is requiring so many calories to gain weight/muscle I have been tracking my calories religiously and I’m getting on average 5000 a day sometimes a good bit more and sometimes...
  16. WetStuffRedStuff

    Estrogen Sensitive test

    Anyone know where I can currently get the cheapest “Sensitive Estrogen” blood test with a discount code? (Not total E2) Also, I have a question. I am running NPP. Can it have the same effect on a “total estradiol” result on blood work like Tren does, where it skews the numbers all crazy? I...
  17. WetStuffRedStuff

    Addiction & Sobriety

    I’m not sure what prompted me to start this thread, but whatever reason, I did. We all know someone in our life, our family (maybe even ourselves) that struggle with addiction. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol or what have you, addiction can ruin a person’s life. I’m creating this thread to share...
  18. WetStuffRedStuff


    Order landed, fast turnaround and awesome Packaging and labeling. Thanks GC
  19. WetStuffRedStuff

    TBOL killing me

    Currently running 525 Test per week 490 NPP 490 Masteron 80mg TBOL daily (40 AM 40 PM) I’ve been on cycle for 19 days now. Now yes, I am eating a high amount of food (4500 plus calories) but I’ve eaten this much before and I’ve never had the stomach issues I’m Having currently, I’ve also NEVER...
  20. WetStuffRedStuff

    SB Labs Log

    First of all I want to say SB has the best communication of any sponsor I’ve ever dealt with. As well as, the fastest delivery. I have not personally used the gear yet but I will be soon. I plan to log my run with SB’s gear and update it, hopefully, pretty often. Also, plan to get bloodwork and...