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  1. Eatsleeprepeat

    Gear Porn from Sleepy's sponsor

    Just wait until my gym buddy gets all my orals made!! 100mg var, 50mg tbol, 50mg wini, and a fuck ton of aromasin. Too fuckin excited, about to blow my first competition out the water, so long as he keeps getting me xanax so I don't do some chris benoit shit.... & Yes I realize how fucked up my...
  2. Eatsleeprepeat

    Gear Porn from Sleepy's sponsor

  3. Eatsleeprepeat

    Tips on Paying with Bitcoin?

    Not for tumbling services as it is an ever changing wallet ID per say. I put a few tips in the pit if your interested for a read or two. Always happy to help ya if I can just shoot me a Pm. I'm no guru but some friends of mine have showed me a thing or two.
  4. Eatsleeprepeat

    Gear Porn from Sleepy's sponsor

    Suppose your not taking the color of the carpet in account.
  5. Eatsleeprepeat

    Gear Porn from Sleepy's sponsor

    My buddy runs a little shipment business and he asked me to be his Guinea pig with a few of his labs. How the fuck can I say no to this?! Once he has my AI and orals in, well I hope NPC is prepared.
  6. Eatsleeprepeat

    Buying Bitcoins made easy

    Operator's name: New Age Bitcoin Support phone: (848) 863-9243 (848)8NEWAGE Support email: support@newagebitcoin.com On the map: All New Age Bitcoin bitcoin ATM locations Are you operator? Check the list of services we provide. Location City: Beachwood Location: Vapors Business phone...
  7. Eatsleeprepeat

    Buying Bitcoins made easy

    Oh dope, just got the info from new age the owner of the ATM at the vapor shop.
  8. Eatsleeprepeat

    Buying Bitcoins made easy

    Money doesn't leave the machines, so it's technically right there. Call the owner of the machine, or give me the location and I'll get you the number.
  9. Eatsleeprepeat

    Buying Bitcoins made easy

    Looks like a network error, buddy of mine owns a few of these atms in Texas - that would be my guess.
  10. Eatsleeprepeat

    Buying Bitcoins made easy

    Card2card transactions like green dot, vanilla, and flashpay. I am currently in progress of trying to find, figure, and provide those services myself if interest levels remain high.
  11. Eatsleeprepeat

    Buying Bitcoins made easy

    Hey guys, a lot of people are struggling with the transition of bitcoins; I am here to help make your life easier. However, you may be new to the entire cryptocurrency concept and for that we recommend you learn a few things and avoid coinbase for illicit purchases. Bitcoin is extremely...
  12. Eatsleeprepeat

    Bank account fraud

    If they were able to access your savings in addition to your checking account you should be more fearful of a compromised computer/phone. They would be able to directly transfer the money out and presumably into a paypal account before laundering it to an offshore account as that would be...
  13. Eatsleeprepeat

    Newest discount of raw powders

    Raw discount Edit
  14. Eatsleeprepeat

    Domestic oral Raws?

    Buddy of mine is capping a bit of oxandrolone and I asked him to throw some dbol in for me to kickstart my next cycle. He's got his own group of sources but curious about some of your favorite vendors for raw dbol/var.
  15. Eatsleeprepeat

    Norway suppliers?

    I have a trusty friend who runs a shipping company, he could help you but you probably need more credibility. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Eatsleeprepeat

    Tab Binders

    Specific binders will help via essential or synergistic vitamins and minerals although I refuse to consume pressed tabs for the very reason. My source capsulate his own stuff and uses an inert filler for volumetric consistency. Same thing for my mdma, I refuse to take anything in pill form, I...
  17. Eatsleeprepeat

    Best Cycle Support

    Milk thistle will save your liver, just saying. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Eatsleeprepeat


    You go in person to a bank and deposit into a business account, I just say car payment. Generally takes 20 minutes max to start, finish, and receive the BTC.
  19. Eatsleeprepeat


    My advise is sign up and verify your ID etc with localbitcoins it is easily the safest and most anonymous way to purchase BTC by depositing cash into the sellers bank account. Normally this would be a no go but when you sign up and you plan to buy it puts their bitcoins in a escrow account and...
  20. Eatsleeprepeat

    Tire flips & physique

    Today I decided to tackle the tires, and upon starting I fell in love with the difficulty. decidedly I am planning a group training day session with a few of my amateur bodybuilding friends - going for 30 minutes of tires, followed by deadlifting. Anyone have any advise or suggestions on other...