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  1. coonhunter

    New member

  2. coonhunter

    New to the thread introduction

  3. coonhunter

    HI all...

  4. coonhunter

    New here

    Welcome man
  5. coonhunter

    New to the forum, not to the lifestyle

    Welcome Brother
  6. coonhunter

    Prize Porn.

    I know its just money but ASL came through and sent cash. I cant lie I thought they might want to try to sell me other products but they just sent the prize money. No screwing around. I hope they do more giveaways like this.
  7. coonhunter


    I got some but I havent started running it yet. So far everything I have started has been on point.
  8. coonhunter

    Guess what went out for testing

    Tbol is my guess
  9. coonhunter


    I am super interested in using this but the information is scarce when it comes to using it in a cutting cycle. Is there a dosing protocol other than the 2mg a day? The ones I was looking at were only 2mg bottles and were not cheap. I know this is an older post but maybe someone using it could...
  10. coonhunter

    Hey now

    Welcome to the board.
  11. coonhunter

    New guy here

    Welcome to the boards.
  12. coonhunter

    How small can your testes actually get

    When I read the post title I had to read the thread. I had no idea it was going to be a small nuts competition. I would like to submit mine for consideration as well. lol.
  13. coonhunter

    $500 Cash Give Away Winner.

    I just wanted to say thank you to ASL. I cant lie I bought big to get as many entries as I could. I was going to buy anyway over a little more time but winning defiantly made the gamble worth it. Also thanks to all of you who have congratulated me. You guys are an amazing support and wealth of...
  14. coonhunter


    Welcome to the board!
  15. coonhunter


    If you get banned by Coinbase for any reason it is for life. The Cash app is good as well as the Edge wallet. I like using the Edge wallet because there are ATM's all over here that I can use cash to buy crypto.
  16. coonhunter

    Felling Lucky Contest!!

    96 its getting expensive to eat out these days.
  17. coonhunter

    Anavar test results provided by Janoshik

    I ordered those before you posted labs. Im stoked!
  18. coonhunter

    New Board Sponsor Give Away!

    Damn son you must work for another source. someone with no post history talking so much trash is suspect for sure. The one thing I know for certain is LE is not trying to collect a bunch of guys buying for personal use. Sources are the ones most at risk.
  19. coonhunter

    TD Very impressed

    I participated in the giveaway. I have to say I am impressed. The shipping time was Amazon Prime worthy. Also the package was legit secure and well packaged. That is more impressive as I selected the basic $1 shipping. There was also a gift of a few Cialis that i am sure the old lady will not be...
  20. coonhunter


    I think it depends on how much you are trying to lose. I want to keep my fat loss at no more than 2pounds a week. I do this by running my calories at 500 below BMR and doing another 500 in cardio. That math always works out. You can go much faster but it sucks and will cause problems. Also you...