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  1. BodybuilderZepp

    What's up fam

    Welcome to ASF
  2. BodybuilderZepp

    Pin size for trt

    I’ve used 25g 1inch for glutes, quads, lats, delts, traps and chest. I draw with 22g.
  3. BodybuilderZepp

    Would you hit it?

    Soccer time?
  4. BodybuilderZepp

    Thick or Thin?

  5. BodybuilderZepp

    Latina Asses and Tits XXX

    Love the goosebumps
  6. BodybuilderZepp

    Muscle & Fitness Chicks

    Ariana James is beautiful
  7. BodybuilderZepp

    Zepp’s Sponsored PSL Log

    Thanks guys. The ultra sound and the heart beat always make me tear up. Makes it really feel real.
  8. BodybuilderZepp

    Would you hit it?

  9. BodybuilderZepp


    I’ve used 25g 1inch in glutes, quads, lats, shoulders, and chest with no problems. I prefer BD brand.
  10. BodybuilderZepp


    Always preferred Aromasin. Seemed easier to dose.
  11. BodybuilderZepp

    Ingrown hair from gear

    Happens to me more on gear as well. Dont squeeze them, or pick them out, just let them be. I learned the hard way and had a hard lump after and had to get it drained and stitched by a doctor.
  12. BodybuilderZepp

    Primo or tren

    Need to try them both and see what you react better to. Everyones different. But for me I prefer Tren, nothing like cold sweats, insomnia, and rock hard boners lol
  13. BodybuilderZepp

    Drug test

    Agreed. I would think they would test just the substance but ya never know.
  14. BodybuilderZepp

    First cycle all advice welcome

    First cycle should be Test only. Remove the winstrol and clen. Should look like this: 500mg Test a week Aromasin or Arimidex taken when needed PCT 2 weeks after last shot Nolva and Clomid
  15. BodybuilderZepp

    Zepp’s Sponsored PSL Log

    Can’t believe this thing the size of a piece of rice is growing inside my wife and has a heart beat.
  16. BodybuilderZepp

    Steroids ADDICTIVE after all??

    Was on 6 years straight and came off cold turkey pretty easily. Cigarettes were much harder to come off.
  17. BodybuilderZepp

    Any new payment apps?

    No new apps for me, still doing Cash App to BlockChain.
  18. BodybuilderZepp

    Real or Fake? Will Smith vs Chris Rock

    The slap itself looked fake but Wills reaction after looked real. What do we know, their actors and get paid to fool us.
  19. BodybuilderZepp

    Inbody scale results legit?

    Welcome to ASF
  20. BodybuilderZepp

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to ASF