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  1. GottaGetGains

    Orals - My vague understanding.

    When it comes to orals, I've read that you should always have a test-base. Yet, after reading around the forums it seems that some people just stack orals such as winny/var for example. I have also read where some run d-bol alone for example. Is this just personal preference? Is there some...
  2. GottaGetGains

    PCT Advice.

    I plan to take clomid 100/100/50/50 and Nolva 40/40/20/20. This Saturday marks 2 weeks after last pin. This is my first time PCT. Any advice or what should I expect out of these drugs? My cycle was testosterone only 500mg a week.
  3. GottaGetGains

    First Cycle. Heart palpitations. Need advice!

    Currently on week 8 of my first cycle of testosterone only 500mg a week. I'm getting some serious heart flutters on an off and its very noticeable and a bit scary! I have not had this happen before. BP and HR is still normal. Should I stop and go into PCT? Taking all/any advice.
  4. GottaGetGains

    Thoughts/advice on this supplement?

    I have taken this two times. I've read the compounds over and over again: 6a-chloro-androst-4-en-17b-ol-3-one AKA Hexadrone (25mg per serving) 17b-hydroxy-2a,17b-dimethyl-5a-androstan-3-one-azine AKA Dymethazine or DMZ (10mg) 2,17a-Dimethyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androst-1 -en-3-one AKA Methylstenbolone...
  5. GottaGetGains

    Call me crazy, but is this normal?

    I'm currently on my first cycle of testosterone only. I feel like I have pressure all the sudden near my rectum or in between scrotum to anus area, more toward anus. I can piss fine. Something feels a bit inflamed after ejaculation but not much pain... I know the androgens bind to the prostate...
  6. GottaGetGains

    Drug test advice please!

    So, from what I've read a standard drug test is not going to pick up the use of testosterone, clomid, nolva or adex. I also read that your regular old piss in a cup for a job isn't going to test for those substances because why the hell would they care. I know for ''drug free'' competitions...
  7. GottaGetGains

    The ''Test Flu'' Phenomenon?

    Into my first week of my first cycle on testosterone (500mg/wk), I suddenly (and I rarely ever) get sick. Constant fevers, cough... absolutely miserable. Got tested for the flu but I did not have it. Doc said its some sort of virus and my body is expelling it through the lungs. I coughed my ass...
  8. GottaGetGains

    What happens after first cycle? Or any cycle?

    So What? After a proper PCT are test levels supposed to go back to what the pre cycle blood work was? Is it possible that your testosterone levels will be forever ruined after a cycle? Is it possible for them to actually come back even higher? I'm guessing it's lower seeing as so many people...
  9. GottaGetGains

    Coughing after testosterone injection.

    Maybe a mere coincidence, but I suddenly am coughing a lot. There was blood after I pulled the needle out of my left glute. It's been 24 hours now. Thoughts on this? What would happen if I injected the oil into a vein?
  10. GottaGetGains

    First Cycle Question!

    **I'm doing test E only 500mg a wk** Has anyone ever taking adex right off at the start? I've only had 2 injections. I know its probably placebo an i'm trying my best to fight it and not take it yet, but I swear it feels like my nips are tingling. If I were to start would .25mg E3D seem...
  11. GottaGetGains

    Very Impressed! First injection ever and I chooe PSL!

    Chose PSL for my first cycle. Test-E. Just did my first injection ever. It was smooth. I rubbed it for about 5 mins after as well. No pain. Not yet anyway. Was scared I may have pip because its a virgin muscle, but all is well currently considering as I type I just did this injection 30 minutes...
  12. GottaGetGains

    Mid-Cycle Bloods?

    During a 10-week cycle, whats the earliest to get bloods? I want to be on top of my E2 levels the best I can.
  13. GottaGetGains


    I know some people take it while on cycle to be safe, somewhere between .25-.50 EOD. I know some people who take it only when symptoms occur. I also know people who don't take AI's at all and I know some people who will not take it until mid cycle blood work is done. Just wondering what the...
  14. GottaGetGains

    Pre-Cycle Bloods. Thoughts?

    Doctor advised getting bloods early in the morning, so I did. I still think my Testosterone is kinda low to be 26. I believe it should be near 600. I think I'm still rebounding from not properly cycling a pro-hormone I was foolish about, though. (By that I mean I took an herbal PCT.) Stopped 2...
  15. GottaGetGains

    Pre-Cycle Blood Concerns

    I'm about to start my first cycle, my bloods came in today. My total Testosterone is 263(Low). I did not pay to find out my free test, I regret it now. My E2 levels are low, at 6.8 pg/ml. LH is 4.1 FSH is 5.6 I'm only 25 years old. Never done a steroid cycle, as I'm about to start my first...
  16. GottaGetGains

    Chose PSL for first cycle ever!

    I screwed up by not getting the beginner cycle, I didn't see it until after I made my decision =[ It's all good though, just waiting on touchdown. Got my bloods taken today as well and I purchased all my pins. I'm really excited, and a wee bit nervous if I must tell the truth. It's just a...
  17. GottaGetGains

    Needle Size?

    Looking for some opinions here, or facts! Looking to inject Test E here soon. Definitely injecting into the glutes. I was thinking 23 or 25 gauge needle, but idk what length is best. I've read 1'' is either to short, or just right. Yet I've also read 1 1/2'' is perfect for glutes, and I've...
  18. GottaGetGains

    HCG? Blood Panel?

    What if I choose not to use HCG at all on a Test E only cycle? I've heard its just a suggestion. I know people that do not use it. Just wondering what is the community's thoughts on this are. Also, would it be okay to choose a Female Blood panel for Pre-, Mid and Post Cycle?
  19. GottaGetGains

    Blood Panel???

    What are the best blood panels to choose before, during and after a cycle? A full hormone panel each time? Sure does get expensive, but I know it's the smart thing to do.
  20. GottaGetGains

    After research, I've chosen this for my first cycle.

    At first I did not really understand TRT and the longevity of it; I have no need for it, but found it was really easy to get on it if i Just wanted to with the company promising to uphold my test levels at around 800 ng/dl. ANYWHO I realize at my age, I just need to cycle and I was looking to...