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  1. LowTman

    Protein intake and Kidney Stones (with pix)

    Dr. said to lay off the protien, red meat, poultry, eggs, seafood & coffee. Increase milk & water. Saw Arnold’s post below and posted a quote from it so you don’t have to link to it. Too much apparently causes this….. LowT...
  2. LowTman

    Taking GymNtonic Nebivolol advice to the test…with results

    Ordered some generic Bystolic, Nebivolol, to see if I could get some better results than the Norvasc that I was taking. I ordered about 10 months supply for about $75, but it was the generic. My reading today after 2 weeks was 115/78, my best reading in a year! This is the second...
  3. LowTman

    Blood Pressure Medication question

    Sorry for another BP post, but I have searched through about 2 years of posts and can't find the one I am looking for thus the question. I take Carditone, thanks Gymntonic, and Norvasc. It is still working pretty well but could be better. There was a post about specific prescription meds...
  4. LowTman

    Everyone seems to be getting on board that we have to live with COVID

    Stopped by one of my restaurants this morning and there were no spots for me to park. Seems everyone is tired of COVID and getting on board with the fact that we will just have to live with it. My entrance/exit is back left. The white car is leaving, and the red car is entering. Obviously, I...
  5. LowTman

    Liver support supplements help

    Tried a search first and the Dark Meat thread came up? Planning an upcoming cycle with orals and wanted some help with what I should pick up. Never used any liver support supplements and know many of you have from reading your posts. Liv 52 and Tudca come to mind, but would appreciate some...
  6. LowTman

    Fury vs Wilder

    Watching? Who you taking? LowT
  7. LowTman

    Finally getting back to Normal Summer Thread

    What are you doing now that things are starting to look like pre-COVID? Lets here it. What are you doing or planning..... LowT
  8. LowTman

    Stash too big?

    Or these just showing I been on here a while.... Actually, gave some night stands away as the wife bought a new set for our bedroom. Well, the next day these were returned to me as they were found in one of the drawers. I emptied most of the stuff and told him to throw out anything left, as it...
  9. LowTman

    Was I wrong for getting mad? Part Two

    Family coming over for Easter and my wife and me must go to two grocery stores to get specific items for her recipes. In front of Kroger, a woman is shopping from her car blocking traffic stopping and looking from her car at the plants. I am right behind her and other cars are honking that are...
  10. LowTman

    Hypertension meds

    I take norvasc 10 mg and will be out soon. Anyone try safemeds4all recently or have any other site/source they can refer? LowT
  11. LowTman

    Any checked out Trafficked on National Geographic (steroid episode)

    Tonight’s episode was on steroids and sarms. Pretty interesting. LowT
  12. LowTman

    Reconstituting Peptides question

    Hello everyone. Having never tried peptides, I decided I am going to go down the path and give them a shot. Now I consider myself an educated man, but must admit these have me confused. There has to be a link for dummies, I mean beginners somewhere? I read basskillers and still have questions...
  13. LowTman

    Shout out to REHH!!

    You made a comment recently in a thread about elevated blood pressure that made me reevaluate my own situation. Doing this for so long, having worked in the medical field and having a Dr. in the family, I found myself in my own comfort zone. I gotta believe many of us do at times as we are...
  14. LowTman

    Ocular Hypertension

    Just had my eyes checked and am being sent to have the pressure drained in my eyes. I’m familiar with gear causing hypertension and watch it and have meds, but don’t remember reading anything on here, or anywhere for that matter of gear causing Bilateral Ocular Hypertension. Thought someone on...
  15. LowTman

    Cycle without cutting. Your thoughts/suggestions.....

    I am more in the being fit category vs bodybuilder, albeit who doesn’t want to be bigger. I’m 50 and done my share of bulking and cutting and have resorted to mostly upping my Test when I cycle rather than adding multiple gear. I’m 6’ 205lb and at my max was 247lb before cutting. Eating was the...
  16. LowTman

    Cheesecake for my Birthday

    My wife makes it every year for my Birthday day. I wrap up the day with some raspberry cheesecake and now it’s time to get my diet back on point. Shit, I think I put on an easy 10 pounds in 3 days. LowT
  17. LowTman

    Another successful TD

    Had a good run with DQ, but they are gone. Got a lot of good referrals for UncleZ and jumped in before they closed for December. This wasn’t local, and timing was good, particularly with the Holidays. Never had any issues when using over the pond versus local. Packaged nice, everything looks...
  18. LowTman

    Site down?

  19. LowTman

    Smoking Ribs.. Anyone have a good dry rub??

    I finish these off in the instapot for 30 minutes. LowT
  20. LowTman

    Hurricane Barry missed us......barely

    Just went west of us.. LowT