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    Hey guys

    Hey guys yeah I've been missing for a while covid took five of my family members so it's been really tough on me. I lost my brother, two brother-in-laws my cousin and a niece all within a 2-month period. But you guys never left my head I have always checked the board but just never really signed...
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    Scammers? So I inquired about a price list for Geneza products being curious on how expensive Naps is and there 9 month delivery time and now being domestic. My first convo with them they wanted $2500 in btc with no referrals to give me that they work with to confirm they are legit USA...
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    NordicMed@protonmail.com Scammers

    So I inquired about a price list for Geneza products being curious on how expensive Naps is now being domestic. My first convo with them they wanted $2500 in btc with no referrals to give me that they work with to confirm they are legit USA supplier of Geneza Pharmaceuticals. I was sent to talk...
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    Scammer alert

    Posted on all the boards I am on- SCAMMER ALERT!! If you get an email from a source called Pharma Gear pharmagear3@gmail.com tell them fuck off. They go on boards like here and ask for your email and send you a list. DONT DO IT. After you order they ship it through a company called Track – US...
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    Who still orders international?

    I want to get something from China but just want to see if you guys ever had problems coming from these parts.
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    It's gotten to the point where it is ridiculous

    Fuck post your political views in the link below. Seems like guys who keep starting these political threads seek one thing ATTENTION. A little advice you are way to late and who the fuck wants to hear what you think and you feel you need to start a new thread. The problem with your threads is...
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    Whelp saw that coming

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    We are renaming The Pit to "The Tit" cause of all the suppleness going on in here lately. Definition of Suppleness-One who can and shall be bent, put to shame or cry easily. Customictionary (copy right 1988) So you have come to the right place.
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    Sure it can fit thread

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    What kind of shady shit are the Democrats up to now?

    Inaugural lunch has been cancelled and reports coming out of Washington are that the grand stands for the inauguration are being removed. :thinking:
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    Bitcoin hits $32,300 today

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    Trump may take Arizona

    BREAKING - The Arizona legislature will vote to attempt to pass a resolution tomorrow (Wednesday) to certify President Trump as the winner of their state. Source Newsmax.
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    Was it a bust or just suspicion

    If Sxript did get busted like some are saying where is the proof. There must be something on the internet or do you think they just closed shop because of the bad reports? If someone knows facts they should be brought out in the open to protect members who might have purchased from them...
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    This mornings bans

    Were all these guys the same? Readyondeck, Little Angel, Bigtree? Because I didnt see anything wrong with Readyondecks posts so I just put 1+1 together and thought it might be an IP match up
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    Monster Labs, Purity Source Labs, Gear Church, Iron Lion Labs........

    Just want to thank the following shops for making our Fantasy Football League a huge success this year. It is all due to your generosity that made it so popular with the ASF members. This year we still have 7 or 8 shops battling for playoff spots going into week 12 which starts tomorrow but for...
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    It's official Trump just pardoned Michael Flynn

    Newsmax Is reporting Trump just pardoned Michael Flynn
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    Paypal adds crypto, bitcoin on the move up 7%

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    Fantasy owners- Chiefs/New England game postponed

    Cam Newton tests positive for Covid the game will be played on Mon/Tues or at a later date.
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    The betting window is open

    Taking all action on all the NFL games, contact me if you want to make a wager no vig with me...........
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    ASF'S 2020 Fantasy Football recap thread scores and standings

    ASF's fantasy football is sponsored by the following shops. 1st place- Steroidify- $500 in store Credit Gear Church- $500 in store Credit Dutchpharma- $500 in store Credit Juice Pal- $200 in store Credit Total $1700 2nd place- Monster Labs-5 Test Cyp, 2 Mast/Tren Blends ($400 value) P.S.L.-$350...