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  1. SigRep

    Vegatable Glycerin

    I just bought 8fl oz of this stuff to try pre workout. I've read largely positive things about things about the pump effect. Wanted to see if anyone here uses it. I've used GMS before, but it seemed negligible to me.
  2. SigRep

    Sorry for my absence.

    Hey guys, I've been training for the Tampa pro. Sorry about my lacking presence on here. Wish me luck tomorrow!
  3. SigRep

    Visceral fat

    Hey guys, just wanted to pick your brains on the topic of lowering visceral fat. I always manage to drop it very well on a strict ketosis diet, but I wanted to see if anyone had any methods they've used to target it effectively. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. SigRep

    Ketosis brethren

    Just wanted to see who all uses this diet/lifestyle. I'm a huge advocate. I've never lost visceral fat so rapidly as I did on Keto. It's also the only diet that satiates my appetite enough to cut effectively. Being flat can be a bummer, but once you're around 5% bf it doesn't matter. It's also...
  5. SigRep

    DNP log

    Hey guys. Doing DNP at 200mg per day for either one or two weeks. Took first dose last night. Nothing but sweaty feet. We'll see how that first carb heavy meal goes. Normally I wouldn't want to try DNP, but someone decided to sponsor me in a big local show so I have three weeks. I have all the...
  6. SigRep

    Legend Pharm touchdown picture giveaway!

    From now (5/16) until June 15th, post a picture of your touchdown in the most creative way possible using the products you received. The person with the best touchdown picture will receive three free vials of any ester test (free shipping as well). If you do not see me reply to your TD, you can...
  7. SigRep

    Injectable L carn/Helios questions

    I currently have injectable L-Carn and Helios on the way from MJR. I have some questions. 1) Is insulin necessary with the L-carn, and can you mix insulin and L-carn in the same syringe? 2) Can I mix Helios and L-carn in the same syringe? 3) Best protocol for using these two compounds side...
  8. SigRep


    Please PM me. No idea where to find this. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. SigRep

    T3 vs T3/T4 combo

    If T3 is the active thyroid hormone, I'm confused as to what the benefits of the T4 is. Let me know what your best experiences have been with either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. SigRep

    Legend pharm full cycle auction!

    This is a legend pharmaceuticals auction for the pre-contest cycle I personally used. I've also included a few substitution options for you all in case you'd like to better cater the compounds to fit your needs. This cycle will include: 12 vials of Primobolan 5 vials of test prop (Test E can be...
  11. SigRep

    MJR clen TD

    Just wanted to post a pic and let you know this stuff is GTG. Extremely quick shipping and from my brief clen experience, I can at least say it's not fake. Sweating like crazy on cardio today. Damn near could have charged for water rafting in the wake that was my sweat. Sent from my iPhone...
  12. SigRep

    Dbol bloat discussion

    I just came off of a hardcore cute for a competition. I was down to 4% and dry as all hell. I have another comp in 6 weeks, so instead of pushing the limits with continuing my full cutting stack, I'm just running 20mg dbol. That's a pretty minimal dosage, yet I'm still bloating like crazy. It...
  13. SigRep

    Need Clen. Help!

    Hey guys, my second show is coming up in 6 weeks. I did fantastic in the first one by the way. Just need some clen for the last 4 weeks. If any source would like me to review their clen in my log daily, that could save me some money (college is rough). Otherwise, if someone could point me in the...
  14. SigRep

    Primo samples

    I finally ran out of Legend primo, so those samples you sent out were put to good use. Low PIP and great quality. Sat in my bag for months without any issue or discoloration. Thanks again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. SigRep

    Looking for input for the future

    As many of you know, I'm competing for the first time this weekend. I wanted to see what you guys think about bridging instead of PCT. I have HMG/HCG/clomid/nolva/natty supps ready for the PCT, but recently I've been considering alternative options. An example that I personally thought of...
  16. SigRep

    Training after dropping test precontest

    I'm two weeks out. Today was my first shot without any test in it. Only primo and anavar remain. I'm worried that I'm going to lose a lot of fullness and workout intensity. I have dbol on hand. Could I use that just pre workout for this week, or is it still too risky for water retention? I'm on...
  17. SigRep

    DNP. Help guys.

    I'm two weeks from a show. I've come too far to be anything less than perfect on stage. I've decided to do a week of DNP. I have a few questions. What should this cost me, because a guy has some on hand and I'm not going to be ripped off. Secondly, my carbs are under 50g per day. I understand...
  18. SigRep

    Body fat caliper confusion.

    The chart that came with my calipers says I'm 6%, but every single online multi-point caliper test says I'm 3-4%. This is confusing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. SigRep

    DNP in ketosis?

    Odd question, but considering the dangers of carbs on DNP, would a ketosis diet compliment DNP well? I'm not planning on using it any time soon, but it seemed like a good question. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. SigRep

    HCG/HMG/Pre-contest Help

    I apologize for the confusing thread title, but I have HCG on hand, HMG on the way, and 6 weeks until my show. What do you suggest my best course of action would be, keeping in mind I need to stay as dry as possible for the show. All input is appreciated.