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  1. Bigrobbie76

    Wrote and posted this years ago. HORMONE LIST

    Here is a list of several hormones I thought many might enjoy reading about.This is about as basic as it gets (if a hormone can ever be refered to as "basic") I combined the hard work and expertise of others to put this hormone list together: Hormone Quick Reference Guide; (References are...
  2. Bigrobbie76


    I was just remembering years ago making Tren ace with finaplix pellets and I gotta say....I really miss it. Cheap and easy to get, different conversion methods... it's just something I miss and was wondering if anyone else ever feels the same. Just sayin...
  3. Bigrobbie76

    Remember the power of the push up

    The push up-a classic, timeless exercise that seems (in my opinion) to end up forgotten by many people. The classic push up isn't just something your football coach made you do for running the wrong route. There is a reason this exercise is the foundation for military PT...it is effective not...
  4. Bigrobbie76

    My wife

    My super hot wife of 21 yrs
  5. Bigrobbie76

    Blood work/online lab

    Just pick the panel you want
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  7. Bigrobbie76

    Good evening

    I've been on forums since 2008 but for some reason never made it over here. I'm sure there are some of you guys who know me from another board. Thanks for having me.