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  1. OFR

    Thoughts on Vascularity .....

    So I like being Vascular .....any input would be appreciated ....Thanks in Advance. So I notice when on TREN I am without a doubt more Vascular. Now Pinning 500 Test 400 Mast Dropping Tren almost 4 weeks ago. Vascularity is much less Notice able. , So I have noticed after a very Hot shower...
  2. OFR

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    ok I'm going to try to explain what's seems to be going on. I don't consider my self all that strong, but have some kinda stupid Muscular endurance. I have been Grappling for yrs Jiu Jitsu so Lots of Live Spar, huge amounts of time under tension. So I started lifting a couple yrs ago and I...
  3. OFR

    Water Retention is a Scourge ... DHT'S vs NADRO'S

    So at 5'10 218lbs with Upper Abs and Obliques peeking through. I can see good Vascularity in forearms and legs, when I'm not holding water.....So I have noticed I tend to like DHT'S ....DECA had me PUFFY lol I looked gross in my Ideal...So for me at 46 with knee issues, I don't want to be...
  4. OFR

    SuperDrol vs Winny thoughts ? Both DHT, compare ? Thanks.

    Any first hand advice....Thanks in Advance
  5. OFR

    Observations TREN seems to be always LEGIT

    So just over the last 4/5 yrs of random orders, TREN seems to be always Legit and not under dosed. It just seems to be more consistent.....any thoughts as to why ?
  6. OFR

    Curious? What's the Mechanism behind Vastly Different Response rates of

    Total TEST Levels....Given that Many of us have known Values of test from Pharma ect, but get drastically different blood Levels. . So for example I see about 9 x when on Pharma so 300mg puts me around 2800-2900. I see others comment with very close numbers, then we have people that are only 3...
  7. OFR

    " OFR " log.... 45 yrs old

    Not Really Trying to get Bigger much ....Just Maintain and Get Lean..... . 5'10 215 lbs Can See Upper Abs just a Bit. I have been very Consistent for a Yr. Pull and Legs Mon Push and Legs Tues Pull and Legs Wed Push and Legs Thur Pull and Legs Fri Push and Legs Sat Yes Legs everyday I...
  8. OFR

    Short Ester vs Long = Different Result ....hmmmm

    So a few months Back I ran Test Ace, Tren Ace, Mast P Blend EOD Pin at Basically 300 wk. I was Getting Dry, Leaning out ....Seeing Veins in New Places. It had some BITE to it, probably the PROP. So I thought ? hmm, Hey when this runs out get the Long Ester of the same Compounds maybe less Bite...
  9. OFR

    New here...Was on BOP

    44 yrs Fighting Time. I enjoy the Combat Sports Jiujitsu / Submission Grappling. And the Daily Gym Rat.