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    Ag eq

    Got some of AG equipoise stashed and was going to run it with sustanon and tbol. Anyone used their EQ or have success with it? Just got some to try it, I know he's private now. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Tbol + npp

    Anybody ever try this combo to start off a lean bulk? Used dbol and hated it. using anavar and winny now to polish off this prep along with prop and tren. love anavar right now, wicked pumps.
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    Anavar tabs

    Was going to order from MFL and apparently he went MIA so looking for anyone with experience on domestic anavar tabs. Need some more for contest prep. Any help is appreciated or experience.
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    My leaking anus

    Mod edit: use your fucking brain before posting these threads.
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    Any leads on where to get ephedrine? Looking to use while preparing for comp and really lacking some energy!!
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    Pre contest help

    Mens physique coming up in the fall. Current stats are 6' 219 lbs at 12%. Been on a very very slow cut as just been weak point training mostly shoulders and back. I have a naturally wider hip but huge back width and shoulders making it look slimmer. Right now running sustanon (switching to...
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    Any women have experience with Clem? Bought some for my mens physique comp and have some extra to maybe have my gf use to shred some for summer. Any input or experience is welcomed
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    L arginine

    Just wondering what everyone's experience or dosage recommendations? Usually take 5000 mgs with pre workout.
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    Iifym or bro macros?

    A little new here but I am competing in my first men's physique competition this October. I am 21 years old, 6' tall and 225 at 12% bf (just started very slow 20 weeks cut) Now for this competition my coach uses iifym approach and adjusts diet that way. I've used the "bro macros" still...
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    Flu season

    Anybody get this shit? Had flu and bronchitis. Lost 12 lbs in 4 days, get your flu shot lol also you'll find out how mentally tough you are cause it's hard to stare at yourself in the mirror as you shrink. Finally back to eating and training though.
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    Donkey calf raises

    Gym doesn't have a donkey calf raise? Best way I've done it is with a weight belt and clip a 45 and hit it that way. Any other suggestions? Not gonna pull the Arnold and have people sit on me lol
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    What do you guys believe is best for growth in calves? High rep, heavy, >3 times per week? What's your thoughts?
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    Best pre workout combo

    My favorite is phenadrine, hemavol, and Agmatine sulfate. What you all think?
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    Board short suggestions

    Men's physique comp in the fall, suggestions on color and brands?
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    New Member

    Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! I am 21 years old and am competing in two men's physique competitions in the fall. I am an exercise science major and stats are 6' 227 at ~12%. Basically here for just advice, learn, and ask veterans questions on cycle advice and sources.