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  1. Sierra2500hd


    Been ordering Monster for years and they always come through! Fastest shipment ever!
  2. Sierra2500hd

    Pectoral Injury

    I have an injury to the muscles/tendons where my left pec connects to the shoulder/arm. I just start local injections with BPC-157 @ 300mcg courtesy of recon peptides. I’m thinking about also taking TB-500. Looking for input on anything else and suggestions to promote healing. I won’t...
  3. Sierra2500hd


    Will someone recommend a sponsored source that carries this? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sierra2500hd


    Looking for a phetermine source. Thanks!
  5. Sierra2500hd

    B12 Injections

    Can anyone give me direction on where to order B12 injections? Any opinion on Thiamine? PM if needed. Thank you!
  6. Sierra2500hd

    Lake County, Indiana

    Does any here reside in Lake County, IN ? Please PM me...looking for a local contact unrelated (construction) to topics in this forum. Thanks
  7. Sierra2500hd

    Before and after

    I didn't really give much thought to posting physique pics especially since I primarily train for strength and power lifting...any way here is a pic from my profile when I first joined and here are some semi-recent one's (a year old).
  8. Sierra2500hd


    Can someone send/post an update link for starlite? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sierra2500hd

    Test, EQ, Clen

    Looking at a first time stack of Test, EQ, Clen. I typically focus on power, but am looking to lean out. Looking for recommendations and experiences with Clen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sierra2500hd

    Pulling the trigger on Monster today

    Going in for EQ 600, MastNPP 400 & Anavar today
  11. Sierra2500hd

    Torn quads

    Here's some pics of a recent quad injury I have likely going a little too fast repping with 500lb squats They are 4 pics of bruising progression M-F after the injury. Decided to take a week off and go recover in Siesta Key.
  12. Sierra2500hd

    Methyl DHT

    I'm looking at doing a Sust/Tren/Mast blast. I was looking at Methyl DHT as an oral due to strength which is all I really care about. However, with Mast as a DHT should there be any concerns? Was also considering anavar in the cycle, not necessarily looking to take two orals at the same time...
  13. Sierra2500hd

    Heart Attack

    Been a while since I've been on here brothers- I had a heart attack; 95% blockage in the left anterior descending artery. A Widowmaker. Was still lifting heavy and going strong when I had it. I survived 60 minutes without treatment including dying in the process and sustained a fair amount...
  14. Sierra2500hd


    I've had Primo 100 from several sources in my arsenal before, but is there a higher concentration out there someone can vouch for Like a 200 or 250/ml? PM if necessary....Thanks!
  15. Sierra2500hd


    So this last Friday night I went in to the hospital for extreme abdominal pain that lasted about 15 hours. I was in the hospital for 32 hours getting all kinds of tests run from CT's, ultrasound, and many types of labs. Had a super high white blood cell count and a very high CK. Bottom line...
  16. Sierra2500hd

    Arnold Sports Festival Powerlifting

    Anyone here going?
  17. Sierra2500hd

    Cabergoline recommendations

    My original supplier of Caber is no more and I'm running low. Recommendations on who carries legit Caber? PM please. Thanks!
  18. Sierra2500hd


    Just chilling here listening to some old school metal! Anyone in on this? http://youtu.be/FX6TUIKAFzw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Sierra2500hd

    Pinning & training gone bad!

    So I did my usual pinning routine Friday 01/29. I went quite a bit higher on my left quad from the side than usual; in fact I thought twice about it. When I got done, I thought that really hurt like a motherfucker I'm not going that high again! Went and did some heavy squats right afterward...
  20. Sierra2500hd


    Just got back from my 6 month checkup. I have the coolest Dr ever! Labs drawn from Tuesday came back at total test 1300; estradiol 44 from Watson Test Cyp @ 200mg EW. (My cruise) Got a renewed script for a 10ml vial every 4 weeks. He also gives me a stash of these whenever I want! Sent...