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  1. hightestfuel

    Ten cough on TIPP everytime

    Everytime I pin 1 cc of TIPP, regardless of how much test P I cut it with, I feel hot pins stabbing me, until my lungs catch fire, and it has taken 36 hrs before I could take a deep breath. Is it high BA/BB, the esters, or..... NEVER get PIP, no issues with test prop, tren ace gave me a cough...
  2. hightestfuel

    guys, I'm out!

    I'm done with ASF, for a month at least. MODS ARE backing-at least defended- labs stealing from us, and YES (members) are turning this into Meso. Not my happy place, and I'm done with it. Much love back at the bros that have helped me along the way. Too many to count, but love you all! Have a...
  3. hightestfuel

    Fake tracking from BSR

    Pack is out for delivery in Vegas. I am 1500 miles from there
  4. hightestfuel

    True story!

    I JUST RECEIVED TRACKING. Ask me anything
  5. hightestfuel


    Been reading alot about Phenibut for sleep, and some say its a nootropic, some say it increases libido, especially in woman. Experiences with it or other GABAs? Addictive, legal, sides, etc?
  6. hightestfuel

    Generic Blue Top GH with bloodwork to follow

    Ordered a strong 6 month supply around the same time the Euros came out. Worked with Vision who is, as always on point. Got me a great deal- beat the sale price as I bought in bulk- and communication with him is always a pleasure. Got tracking within hours of making payment (LOVE THE PAYMENT...
  7. hightestfuel

    Looking for a gayer forum

    Suggestions for a more faggot forum than this place. "I can't handle my sexy wife getting attention", "My lady is out of town, and I think she wants a big dick grudge fucking I can't deliver" "Black men, MEXICANS, kittens with sharp claws scare me, lets deport them". "Cops only harass, rob...
  8. hightestfuel

    Moisture wicking shirt suggestions

    Looking for brands, stores (why am I a L in some lines and a 3XXXL in others?) or blends of good moisture wicking shirts. Most important is odor elimination, then durability, finally is "stylish" Best shirt for me is $12 BCGs from Academy. No issues with smell and last pretty good. Apparently...
  9. hightestfuel

    Time article Manopause

    Can someone copy and paste the article? Think you need a subscription. I have had 3 people talking shit to (about) me, but have no idea what it says.
  10. hightestfuel

    Crimson gone?

    Their board is gone, at least I don't see it.
  11. hightestfuel

    Steel Gear landing!

    Got my auction pack of Caber, clen and T3. Communication was GREAT with Dannie, and shipping was VERY fast. Haven't used the caber yet, but a quick review of the clen and T3: Clen kicks my ass. i do 10 days on, 10 days off. Have made it up to 80mcg. Even 80 has me shaking like a dog shitting...
  12. hightestfuel

    Dogs and AAS

    I do some pretty big schutzhund training. In our group, 7 of us have won National titles, and 3 have gone on to represent International. One of these guy's kennels is working with a major University's Vet program working with hip dysplasia. He has GSD's currently being treated with Deca and...
  13. hightestfuel

    Divine protein cheesecake!

    12oz - Fat Free Philadelphia Cream Cheese 10oz - Fage 0% Fat Free Greek Yogurt 2 whole eggs 3/4 Cup - Granulated Splenda 1/4 Cup - 1% Milk 2 Scoops Divine Vanilla De Lucha 1 tsp - Vanilla Extract Directions: All...
  14. hightestfuel

    Professor on Gilligan's Island is dead!

    http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/16/showbiz/russell-johnson-obit/ I trust that we have all learned our lesson, and no negs come out of this! lol :winkfinger: The answer to the next 2 questions: 1. only the 3 ladies are still alive 2. Mrs. Howell! Lady in the street, freak in the bed.
  15. hightestfuel

    HGH alternatives?

    I am looking to recomp and get some skin elasticity back. i feel like even the best sources get bad GH some times. For me, it's just too much money for a crap shoot. I will do the research, just would like some opinions on where to look. What are some compounds, forums or websites I should study...
  16. hightestfuel

    iPhone security

    I am techtarded, and doubt I can even ask this right. Is there an app where I can get a password protected file to keep all my AAS stuff in? Currently I just bookmarked them and changed the name, but would like to just have a folder with passcode. Any idea what the hell I am talking about, or...
  17. hightestfuel

    Need to drop BP for bloodwork

    I'm getting bloodwork done for a life insurance policy, and often have BP 140+/ 70. The morning of my test how do I make sure the top number is closer to 120? I recently started CoQ10 (thanks nocode) and a baby aspirin. What is the secret- hydration, dehydration, cialis, 325 mg aspirin an hour...
  18. hightestfuel

    Bridging cycles

    Anybody know how to bridge cycles? I have heard peps like igf and hgh, orals like var and wini, even injectibles like primo or proviron with HCG. Don't want to give up gains, but also don't wanna do TRT- yet.
  19. hightestfuel

    32 years with the 101st

    Guy that works out where I do talked to me for the first time today. Usually only 5-10 of us at 5 AM and we seldom talk-"good morning", "can I get a spot", etc. finished working out today and saw him in the lockerroom. said "how's it going?". Guy says, "last day putting on the uniform- 32...
  20. hightestfuel

    cyclic keto calories

    Currently: 6"1" 235# 40 year old. Have lost well over 100# in the last 18 months with IIFYM. Nice and slow, drop some cals when weight loss slows down, 1.25+ Gs of protein/ lb. Lifting heavy, loving life. I have stalled over the last 6 weeks at 235#. 2200 calories during that time, and will not...