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  1. OFR

    I want to apologize to those involved

    BIT FUCK'EN COIN ! Just being Super Obvious ............................
  2. OFR

    Amazon.com is canceling the parler server

    PARLER should be back Up...and Running by Tuesday. offshore server space is said to be a Done Deal. Regardless of your Politics the Idea of Censorship from Tech Giants who Have a Clear Monopoly should Piss off ALL Americans....again Regardless of Political view.
  3. OFR

    Test flu

    Can some of this Test Flu be attributed to increased Work in the Gym and is CNS Fatigue ? Or is this Something Else.
  4. OFR

    Thoughts on Vascularity .....

    Going for more MUNZER Striated for sure. Just trying to Leverage what I can, and still have Quality of Life too lol ...... Balance right, but you have to cross the Line to know where it's to uncomfortable first....
  5. OFR

    Thoughts on Vascularity .....

    I noticed several People said something about Lower TEST ? ... Why is this ? The Possible SUB Q water from TEST Conversion to ESTRO ?
  6. OFR

    Thoughts on Vascularity .....

    Thank you to Everyone who Has given their thoughts.....it's Appreciated.
  7. OFR

    Thoughts on Vascularity .....

    So I like being Vascular .....any input would be appreciated ....Thanks in Advance. So I notice when on TREN I am without a doubt more Vascular. Now Pinning 500 Test 400 Mast Dropping Tren almost 4 weeks ago. Vascularity is much less Notice able. , So I have noticed after a very Hot shower...
  8. OFR

    Aborting a cycle because you have accumlated too much fatigue

    I agree with Several others.....More Carbs. and Sleep. even a Nap if you can find the time. And More food. for me food intake plays a drastic roll in the Gym.
  9. OFR

    As per Admin.. THIS is the OFFICIAL Election Day thread. "Ignore all others"

    TRUMP Will Win....and Fuck bOi ...Commies will throw a Fit a break stuff just like children do.......
  10. OFR

    i got tren dick

    This is strange post for me as well....TREN Makes me Super Rape like, I do take a Daily Cialis for many reasons. I know compounds may do slightly different things to people. Interesting
  11. OFR

    DHT levels are elevated from using an AI with high test?

    Just an FYI.. Not all AAS related acne is from estro or DHT.. AAS can stimulates the growth of skin bacteria as a super acne bacteria, known as Propionibacterium acne, which increases the chances of developing acne..The increase of this bacteria can create a dramatic onset that can spread fast...
  12. OFR

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    . Understood....Thank you, I'm getting high Volume and results ....I was just wondering if I was missing something. .
  13. OFR

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    Fatigued yes, Pump Yes.....So I have tried some advice from Big guys at the gym, like 60% OF 1 Rep max 5 sets of 10-12 ect and many others.....My issue with a set program ect is if I go do another Body part, calves ect...I can go back and do the whole chest workout again.....so At this point I...
  14. OFR

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    ya 500 test, 200 tren 200 mast ...30 mg a day Var might have something to do with it ....
  15. OFR

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    Just Back from GYM....I went to mechanical Fail bench then did calves...went back to Flat bench wide grip to Fail ....did a retarded amount of cable crossover......dips, dumbell flys, and I can feel my TRI'S Bit not PEC..... It's so easy for me to blowout my quads...I know this must sound crazy...
  16. OFR

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    That might be something I'm missing...I am doing high volume ...But when I think about it the eccentric is kinda an after thought for me....hmmm Thanks for the Help. I knew I was missing something.
  17. OFR

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    So I keep it simple, I do push one day Pull the next....High rep legs everyday not heavy legs. So Push is incline and Flat Bench Wide grip 3 sets 10 on both, then cable flys....I am going to Fail on bench....eyes popping out weight starts coming backdown to chest fail....But I will go do calf...
  18. OFR

    Advice ...I never feel sore next Day.

    ok I'm going to try to explain what's seems to be going on. I don't consider my self all that strong, but have some kinda stupid Muscular endurance. I have been Grappling for yrs Jiu Jitsu so Lots of Live Spar, huge amounts of time under tension. So I started lifting a couple yrs ago and I...
  19. OFR

    Do you smoke? (Cigs/Weed/Vape/Etc...)

    When I was Younger yes...Quit smoking both COLD Turkey, I forget 7-8 yrs ago maybe. don't Drink either.
  20. OFR

    Need Some Help on a new source

    I second JPAL... But I hear GearChurch is Very Highly regarded, I just don't have the post count to try them yet.....JPAL has been good to me and Many others are saying the same.