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  1. Jose Frakich

    Zphc test e

    Any idea when more will be in stock? Went to get some yesterday but needed to set up Bitcoin...now it’s out of stock.
  2. Jose Frakich

    Best source for ZPHC products

    Looking for ZPHC Test E specifically. Usually go with DG but they have been out for a while
  3. Jose Frakich

    ZPHC Re-Stock

    Any idea when ZPHC Test E will be back in stock? Thanks
  4. Jose Frakich

    Any sponsors with no minimum order?

    Need to get some Var and really don’t need anything else because I’ve loaded up on so much shit. Any sources with no minimum order?
  5. Jose Frakich

    Looking for fast cheap HCG

    I just need 1 vial of hcg asap..any sources with low minimum that can help me out?
  6. Jose Frakich

    What happened to Dispense Quick?

    What ever happened to Dispense Quick? I was using them for a while along with Pharmacom..I ran out of test and found a vial of Dispense Quick Test E which I thought was pretty good stuff. What happened to them?
  7. Jose Frakich

    Site problems?

    Can’t log in to the site after I go to check out... I will be signed in and then add my item to cart and go to checkout and it logs me out and does not allow me to log in. I have tried multiple times throughout the past week. I even contacted via email and no response... I just need a small...
  8. Jose Frakich

    Best Test E on this board?

    Been using Pharmacon for years but they have been out of stock..looking for some grade A test with proven bloods. I was thinking about trying Robolics but they have not emailed back. Please let me know your guys GO TO asap thanks
  9. Jose Frakich

    What happened to Victory?

    What happened to Victory Pharma? Was going to place an order and came back a week later and noticed they are no longer on the board?
  10. Jose Frakich


    Looking for some tbol...recommendations?
  11. Jose Frakich

    Anyone still order from HAMMER?

    Has anyone ordered recently from HAMMER since they went off the board? I know people have mixed reviews on him but I got some tbol from him a while ago and liked it.
  12. Jose Frakich

    Liquid Cialis

    I have been ordering liquid cialis from MaximPeptide for over a year now and its worked great for me but it looks like they no longer carry it or they are out. What sites carry good strong cialis...not really looking for a source on here because i want it quick and easy. thanks in advance.
  13. Jose Frakich

    What happened to TSL?

    They just announced a sale a couple days ago and now they are off the board??
  14. Jose Frakich

    Diarrhea on MFL Test E?

    Anyone ever experience diarrhea on Test E? I have ran MFL plenty of times, and I started running their test E around december, first vial...completely fine...normal like always... as soon as i started the 2nd vial I have had diarrhea everyday...its been going on for about a month now. the...
  15. Jose Frakich

    Need HCG

    AAP has been taking 4-5 days just to respond back to a simple question via email, and I need some HCG as soon as possible. I know many of you dont run HCG but who is your go too for HCG?
  16. Jose Frakich


    ive never ran it before but need some soon. i saw aap and psl carry it...not sure aap will have any left. you guys suggest any other sponsor for it?
  17. Jose Frakich

    What happened to Dynami?

    Anyone know?
  18. Jose Frakich

    Safe-Mail down?

    ANyone else use safe-mail? Its been down for me for the past days or two...cant finish my order because I cant get to my email.
  19. Jose Frakich

    Looking for a sponsor with Tbol...with no minimum order.

    Need some Tbol ASAP because my sponsor is out. But its all I need, I am stocked up on everything else. Any sponsors with Tbol without a minimum order?
  20. Jose Frakich

    Whats everyones favorite Sponsor for GH?

    I know everyone recommended bushmaster/pharmalogic GH a while back, but which current sponsor do you guys recommend for GH?