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  1. Sierra2500hd

    Wife wants to enlarge clit with gear

    Var and a very small dose of test sent my wife through the roof! Her clit is now like the tip of my pinky!
  2. Sierra2500hd

    Show off your Wife, Ex, Gf part 2!

  3. Sierra2500hd

    What's your rep range - Red or white?

    I do reds and typically do pyramids up to one rep then descend for compound lifts. I'll increase the rep ranges for smaller muscle groups and pyramid to where I can get 5-6 reps then descend for increasingly higher reps for pump, although I primarily train for strength.
  4. Sierra2500hd

    Partial rotator cuff tear

    I have had success with BPC-157 & TB500 for a biceps tendon and we used it with success on my wife's shoulder. Contact GymTonic
  5. Sierra2500hd

    Over 50 And Normal Blood Pressure?

    So in 2013 I was a 'fat' 195lbs. did diet change and dropped to 150, then extensive cardio in 2014 and maintained it the whole year, then started lifting after going on Dr. prescribed TRT, then found my way here. Found out I was well suited for powerlifting as opposed to physique and managed...
  6. Sierra2500hd

    Over 50 And Normal Blood Pressure?

    Is anyone doing cardio? It sucks, but I really believe that's how I keep mine low. In 2013 I was hypertensive.
  7. Sierra2500hd

    Over 50 And Normal Blood Pressure?

    Thanks brother!
  8. Sierra2500hd

    Over 50 And Normal Blood Pressure?

    52, 5'7, 212lbs. BP 110-115/50-55 Resting HR in the low 60's. Not on any meds. FYI- I was 150lbs when I joined this forum in 2014.
  9. Sierra2500hd


    Been ordering Monster for years and they always come through! Fastest shipment ever!
  10. Sierra2500hd

    👹👹 Monster needs help 👹👹

    Would like to see a quad blend Test PropTren Ace Mast Prop Testosterone Enanthate or maybe test prop added to the tri blend
  11. Sierra2500hd

    Do you old fuckers still squat?

    I squat almost every day at the beginning of each workout and move up to no less than 500lbs. I'm 52 and I wrap my knees at 405lbs. and up. Never had a knee problems and I don't use a belt.
  12. Sierra2500hd


    Been a while since I've been on and I was a fan of Gorilla and used them almost exclusively the last two years although i've been off gear for a year and a half. Time to get back on and will appreciate PM's for legit vendors.
  13. Sierra2500hd

    Pectoral Injury

    That’s what it feels like to me...hanging on by a thread. I’m not sure why it’s an issue after benching heavy all these years. I was at a high of 275kg at one point 2 years ago. I’m guessing it is progressive. ...and i’m older at 51 and maybe my body needs more in the way of supplementation...
  14. Sierra2500hd

    Pectoral Injury

    Is localized injection the way to go? I injected right into the connective tissue between the pec and shoulder. No issues from injecting so far... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sierra2500hd

    Eric Spoto’s methods to Raw Bench Madness:

    Great post! I am looking at mimicking his training routine to catalyze my training. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Sierra2500hd

    Pectoral Injury

    I have an injury to the muscles/tendons where my left pec connects to the shoulder/arm. I just start local injections with BPC-157 @ 300mcg courtesy of recon peptides. I’m thinking about also taking TB-500. Looking for input on anything else and suggestions to promote healing. I won’t...
  17. Sierra2500hd


    Will someone recommend a sponsored source that carries this? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Sierra2500hd

    Guess lifter's 9th and soon to be banned username

    Well said, Vision
  19. Sierra2500hd

    Show off your Wife, Ex, Gf part 2!

  20. Sierra2500hd


    Looking for a phetermine source. Thanks!