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  1. gear church

    Any emails from gearchurrch is a scam!

    Sent you a pm last night. Check it out when you can and get back to me.
  2. gear church

    Gearchurch Order Process-Please Read

    This is not directed at you Sakuraba but since I'm continuing to get 5-10 emails from some people because I didn't respond in whatever time frame someone thinks I should it''s needed and I may need to make a sticky about it. First off....this isn't fucking Amazon and if you need a response in...
  3. gear church


    Proviron 25mg is back on the menu guys. Know a lot of people have been waiting.
  4. gear church

    Smells bad

    Evergrande is't the only one it's just in the public eye because it's the biggest. There are one or 2 others that are likely to fail for whatever reason over there and this will likely cause the start of another global financial crisis similar if not worse to 2008. They also seem to have missed...
  5. gear church

    Vaxx analyzed...

    Ummmmmm...do you mean this guy? Seriously WTF? Here is a fun link for the entire details if you or anyone cares about this idiot and whatever nonsense he's spouting these days. Below the link is a copy paste from the article with the really important info bolded by me for emphasis. Guy is...
  6. gear church

    Email Security

    First off, unsolicited doesn't mean they got into my email so why would you think that? Who is to say it's not another sponsor out to disparage my reputation which has happened before, maybe there might be another way this person got a random email? Maybe he got a list from a different sponsor...
  7. gear church


    Thanks guys and it means a lot to see these kind of responses so thanks again. He sustained a tib/fib compound fracture so we'll have to see what it ends up being but surgery did go well. Just freaking hard seeing that happen to your kid.
  8. gear church

    Email Security

    Looks like we have another one guys and this one actually got a list from me and it appears they are sending unsolicited emails with only BTC as a payment option but it is my list minus the temporarily out of stock items. Please be careful and make sure it's my email address when responding...
  9. gear church


    My apologies to anyone who hasn't received an email response since Thursday. My youngest was kicked by a horse on Friday morning so to say I haven't been thinking about this stuff would be an accurate statement and I hope you all feel the same as I do as outside of God, Family is the most...
  10. gear church


    Why no reference to U.S.A for M.O.D or S.O.D. and the Anthrax connection? Ode to Harry, Get a Real Job or I Executioner? C'mon man...ole Corn Pop would take you out behind the gym and biden you for not referencing a better album.
  11. gear church

    I"m back!

    While the title does say it it doesn't say anything about the amount of people that emailed over the last week. It is going to take me a couple days to work through the current emails and incoming ones to get caught up. Please be patient and I promise I will get to all emails asap. If it's...
  12. gear church

    Arizona AUDIT **Official Thread**

    Thanks for the response. I was genuinely curious and sounds like you are still clerking? basically or did you get your law degree, pass the bar etc? I know felons can do so relative to the charges etc and I'm always happy to see guys actually come out of the system and not go right back to...
  13. gear church

    Odd email addy

    Sounds like you were phished and should change your password. If it is based on the email you sent yesterday then they are in your account and trying to intercept/middleman it and get you to send them bitcoin which is the only form of payment any of these scammers accept. Don't accidentally...
  14. gear church


    Does it though? Require intelligence as we perceive it or is it more natural? Does the cheetah need to know the distance to the gazelle and when to start know that's it's best chance is at x "feet" or x "leaps, bounds whatever"? I'm not disputing anything you are saying as I agree with...
  15. gear church

    Arizona AUDIT **Official Thread**

    When you say "this is what I do for a living" what is it that you do? I know you're a felon from your early posts on the forum so do tell what is that felons do for a living that involves reading and dissecting court decisions? I think you're wrong on what you are saying and which side you...
  16. gear church

    Proud Boys / QAnon Mega Thread

    I prefer Bandidos thanks...Hells Angels, Outlaws, Mongols etc gotta ask permission to step in this territory just like we do in theirs. Cool as hell as long as you are.
  17. gear church

    Biden ATF Nominee Promises To Give Hunter Biden Gun Background Check Form To Senate

    Read that again...he's not going to investigate shit....He straight up says "I don't know if it's been investigated or not" which means he has an out right there...he can send congress the docs but they can't prosecute unless the DOJ under Biden chooses to do so and we damn well know that isn't...
  18. gear church

    Federal agents raid Rudy Giuliani’s NYC apartment in Ukraine probe

    Not proven yet but yeah and this is from politico which is left leaning so can't really dispute considering they also do have a high rating on factual reporting. I could have pulled it from many other sources but figured you would want it from somewhere you might consider credible...
  19. gear church

    Violent Racist BLM-Turdz

    You sir would be correct...mainly black Scottish and Mexican but I know there are are a few others mixed in over the years and yeah, probably horny, perv, highly religious ancestors :)
  20. gear church

    Violent Racist BLM-Turdz

    "A house divided cannot stand" Abraham Lincoln We are doomed if we continue down this path. None of it is shocking considering which side it's coming from. Just because they found new ways to frame the racism argument and foster hatred among people of all colors doesn't mean they changed...