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    Sale Td

    Well gearchurch and Ldog came through again with the fast pack . I came home this weekend and it was waiting on me . I got the tpp npp and mast prop blend along with some tbol.I have never ran this blend but have others from Gc and have always been happy . The plan is to start after the first of...
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    600 mg test blood work

    Sb was looking for some members to pull bloods . I run bloods multiple times a year so I will gladly help out . They sent me two bottles of test cyp for the tests . They were filled evenly and labels on nice and straight always a good thing . I will be running the 600mg a week protocol that I...
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    My first time at urologist

    Well I finally went to see the dr today for a piss problem that I have had since a surgery . The surgery was nine weeks ago and I have been taking flowmax . I decided to stop all test since I would be going in and I wanted my levels tanked . I am 40 and have been cycling ten years , eight of...
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    Prostate issues

    Who here has had prostate issues ? Two weeks ago I had surgery, I had two hernias repaired and also had hemorrhoidectomy . Well right after the surgery before I could go home they want you to piss and I couldn’t so had to get a catheter to drain me before I could leave . After another couple er...
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    Buyer beware jpal

    I have never used the guy personally but heard good things about the gear but keep in mind if you make the guy made he will put out your personal info . Like everyone else use at your own risk just try not to make him mad if you don’t get your gear he will post your name . The fuckery is real...
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    I placed another order and got my pack today these guys are great and I have never had a problem with them . I have been using them since they came around . They always have good numbers like what was just posted. No pics will be posted but I got test e mast e deca aromasin cialis and viagra ...
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    Test e/c 24 hour results

    So came off of a blast around thanksgiving and have been cruising on 250 test a week pinned once a week like I always do . I don’t use an ai until I pin over 300 weekly have never needed it . Well I have been having some shitty performance in the bedroom and ran out of cialis . I decided to pull...
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    Contest winnings

    I just received my winnings some npp100 and test e/c400 . They got it out to me super fast and it looks good to me . I will admit it has been a while since I have pinned high mg gear so I am a little worried . I did pin a half a ml of the test so we will see how it treats me in a couple of days...
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    Which member came to my gym

    Came to the gym to work some back this morning and had this note on the mirror . So question is who dropped their damn pin on the way out . Funny thing is it says we would prefer you dispose of them at your home and not here doesn’t say not to pin here.
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    Black man shot

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2020/05/05/shooting-video-unarmed-black-man-killed-ahmaud-arbery-georgia-jogging/ Not sure if you guys have seen this but it is pretty big around my area . To me it’s seems like we are missing a bunch of info .
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    Bloods for ultima test

    I was a winner a while back in a contest and chose test cialis and viagra . Originally I was going to pin 750 a week and pull bloods . Well that didn’t workout since they shut my gym down . I went ahead and made it easy by just pinning one ml a week 250mg every Friday . I pulled bloods on...
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    Free gear contest

    I was one of the winners for the free gear contest and it was for 200 dollars . I picked up three ultima test cyp and viagra 50 and cialis 20 . When I went to complete the order it included another free test and I chose the enenthate . Bottles look great but the quality will definitely be tested...
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    dutch 300 bloods

    These bloods were pulled on February 14 running the heavyiron 300 mg protocol. I purchased some bottles for a friend and held onto two bottles myself . He complained to me about not feeling right , I told him to get some bloodwork and he did . Well that came back super low . I did talk to Dutch...
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    Kratom log

    I got the pack in the other day . Red Bali and gold Hulu. I have been pretty sick the last couple of days so have yet to try it . I did let my wife try some red . Her first ever experience, she dosed about two grams . She said that she did feel more relaxed after taking it .
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    Murmur and enlarged heart

    I went to see the dr a couple of weeks ago and was told that I had a heart murmur . I had an echo done yesterday and was told that I had some wooshing due to leaking valves and the left side of my heart was enlarged . The heart is functioning fine but is bigger than normal guess it’s time to...
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    Fast as fuck

    Placed a small order of some test nolvadex and cialis for my blood pressure and won’t say the time but damn my man doesn’t disappoint once again and the test always score right where it needs to be . Thank you gear church and of course Ldog
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    Flash sample

    Flash offered up some gear to try and I chose the tren ace.was going to wait a week but think I will pin it sooner . Have never used flash but have heard good things about them
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    Memorial Day strip clubs

    I know that we have a bunch of veterans here and I happen to be in Columbus ga ft Benning this weekend. I know that there are some old infantry brothers that can point me in the direction of a good strip club .
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    Gearchurch delivered again like normal today. I picked up some test iso that I will be running at 600 a week and than his tren a/mast prop blend . I also picked for some more test e and cialis for my blood pressure
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    dearest pitmod

    would someone please find where the thread disappeared to from dutch pharma for a new sale that was posted in the pit ? all kinds of fuckery going on .