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  1. SpiritualWarrior

    Monster labs- issue

    Hell yea man! I’ve been a bills fan since I could recognize what a football was.. We going to run shit this year!
  2. SpiritualWarrior

    Monster labs- issue

    DISREGARD I’ve just been a grumpy mother fucker lately, and clearly have the patience of a 12 year old.. Every thing is cool..my bad. I’ve just gone through hell recovering from a compression fracture in my vertebrae and anxious to put the injury behind me.
  3. SpiritualWarrior

    Finasteride & minoxidil

    Anyone using them successfully? Just ordered some. Thinking on the top of my head
  4. SpiritualWarrior

    Monster labs- issue

    Anyone have issue with Monster labs? Sent proof of WU the 8th..still no tracking number!
  5. SpiritualWarrior

    Training after injury

    Anyone one starting over after a serious injury? I had a compression fracture in my vertebrae and had surgery following. Getting my body back slowly
  6. SpiritualWarrior

    Monkey feet

    Anyone try those monkey feet dumbell holders? Hard on the knees??
  7. SpiritualWarrior

    Liver support

    What’s a good liver support product and what is the dosage
  8. SpiritualWarrior

    Resistance Bands

    Anyone incorporating resistance bands into their programs? What are you doing?
  9. SpiritualWarrior

    Hey Bro, sent you another email, still waiting on the stuff. Please get back to me ASAP...

    Hey Bro, sent you another email, still waiting on the stuff. Please get back to me ASAP. Tracking #? Derekthespiritualwarriorstorms@gmail.com
  10. SpiritualWarrior

    American Testosterone have some nerve

    They kept sending me the standard message: "Because of high demand, we are slower to respond. Please be patient. It might take up to 2 days to get response." then I got this after trying to email them again: "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently" Then...I received a text...