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    Test Deca Dbol

    Try b6 for prolactin I did 1000mg ed on similar cycle, worked good for me, your milage may vary.... my cycle was pretty low dose, 300test 300 deca 50 tbol,...and as always full bloodwork during cycle is the only way to really know where your at....also I'm no expert by any means, I'm sure there...
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    First cycle advice and help appreciated

    Everybody is different..for me 400 mg a week of test I had no sides at 500 I did....with an ai ....I'm 52 clen would kill me...lol I never liked that stuff way to harsh on my body....one thing I can say is don't be in a hurry...I was away from gear for over 20 years before I started again...I...
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    1st psl order...TD

    Let's just say the whole process was very smooth and professional and very fast from order to arrival....
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    1st psl order...TD

    TD PICS, there was another bag if proviron and the aromasin but I opened those already
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    1st psl order...TD

    I hope so...I've been on trt for about 3 years now and have done a couple blasts with test and tbol....decided to go low test semi blast with dbol...gonna try and keep test around 2-300 per week with 50 proviron Ed and 20-30 dbol daily....want to start light with the dbol as I need to keep bp...
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    1st psl order...TD

    Test c,... proviron..aromasin..... and dbol
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    1st psl order...TD

    Just made my first order from PSL. Had been using another forum source that's now closed, after poking through the forums i decided on PSL, and i couldn't be happier. Everything went super smooth, TD was yesterday Everything well packed order came super fast (USA domestic)...
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    Well this sucks…

    Same thing happened to me.. benching, felt tearing severe pain in pec, racked weight ran to freezer and got ice.. I was sure I tore it,...pain got worse next day but then leveled off no bruising...good news was just a bad strain...withing a week I was able to train everything else except...
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    That T-bol sweet spot?

    I've used 50 mg per day the 2 times I've used tbol...first time I split 25 mg 2x ed...second time did 50 mg before workout....didnt notice a difference either way as far as what effects,I got. I did have to drop down to 25 mg Ed for a week both times due to the back pumps...I love the results...
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    Tight calf’s

    I get the same
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    What type of Test do you use for TRT?

    200 test c every 10 days
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    Gorilla Farm Deca 300 fake??

    I don't have many posts here and mostly just read...gorilla was the only source I used...I've never had an issue whatsoever...all my labs checked out with what I was taking...I just finished a blast with their deca 300 test c and tbol...all was good great results no bad gear....they were always...
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    Blasting under doc’s nose

    I took low dose tbol to lower my test levels 2 weeks from my initial blood work
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    Over 40 section?

    I would welcome an overview 40 section...51.here
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    Why we chose blends?

    I don't want to hijack the thread but I have,a,couple,questions on the trt+ blend. I currently take 200 mg of test c every 10 days for my trt, would I just substitute this blend for my normal trt protocol? Or is this,a 2× weekly protocol?..also I've read that mast e is a clean dry compound...
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    Oral AAS

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    Thinking of keeping it simple

    Agree o n the tbol,,,love that stuff...got some from a sponsor here (not sure if a can mention names or not) and I woulda swore it wastbol, except I had no water gain..... Ran it at 50 mg ed for 6 weeks with 400 mg test c for 12 weeks