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  1. Jaxz

    Juneteenth ???

    What is this holiday ? First I've heard of it . Is it new or am I just in dark ? Lol!!
  2. Jaxz

    Tri mix

    Tri mix for ed anybody know of a legit compounding pharm to get this at ?
  3. Jaxz

    So called american athlete's

    These so called american athlete's competing in tbe olympics turning there back on the american flag should not receive funding and be allowed to compete as a american !!!
  4. Jaxz

    Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

    I wish they would leave my fucking bitcoin alone !!! Fucking assholes !!!
  5. Jaxz

    Babes , beer and burgers

  6. Jaxz


    Anybody got link and pricing for this test lab ?
  7. Jaxz


    Anybody every use GW to count the afeect tren has on your cardio ?
  8. Jaxz

    Post pic ?

    Want let me post pics here . Is there a post count or something that I need to have to do so ? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated .
  9. Jaxz


    Hello, brothers and sisters . I want get some information on pt-141 . What was ur doses . What was ur sides ? Do you build a tolerance to it over time like must stuff ? If u only use it once or twice a week . Also which brand did you use ? I'm sure this maybe posted somewhere here . So yes I...
  10. Jaxz


    Newbie here but been in game for years. Glad to be here . Thkz