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  1. weakback


    is DG site down or is something wrong on my end?
  2. weakback

    Gym dues!

    Anyone still paying monthly dues even though the gym is closed? Haven't found out yet if my gym is going to continue to take the payment from my account.
  3. weakback

    Blood work

    What's up,I had blood work done and for some reason the results this time were on free testosterone not the total. It was 446 I know that's high but is there a way to compare that number to what the total test number would be? Thanks
  4. weakback


    These guy's are warp speed fast! I was asking for tracking and didn't even know the pack landed already. Crazy shit!
  5. weakback

    fresh start

    Looks like this forum took the manhood from the couple pussbag members! They know who they are!