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  1. TwoDollarTacos

    I probably should've asked this before...

    How's the Test E 400mg? Anyone use? Regardless, I loved my run with Ace last time. Let's see how this goes, or hurts lol
  2. TwoDollarTacos

    What happened to Apollo?

    I remember seeing a new source on this board by that name. I haven't been on in awhile and now they're gone in just a few months time. Just curious.
  3. TwoDollarTacos

    I’m having trouble getting over 175lbs

    Stats: 30 years old 5’6 175lbs I train 6 days a week with 10 mins of cardio post lifting. I’ve been stuck at this weight for a month now. My lifts have increased despite not gaining any weight on my current bulk. I’m currently eating 2600 calories. I’m a tad hesitant to increase my calorie...
  4. TwoDollarTacos

    Not a new member but can someone explain the 'Thanks' buttons under my profile picture

    Explain it as in, is it common courtesy to say Thanks to people's replies? I've gotten a lot of useful info here from reading through people's threads or even posting my own but I always forget to hit that button. Is it a big deal or does no one really care much about it? Figured this would be...
  5. TwoDollarTacos

    Having a gyno flare up, first one in a couple of cycles; need input

    I'm having a gyno flare up on cycle and at the moment only have some left over Letrozole on hand. Any advice on dosage for this? I'll take advice on grabbing another AI as well. I know Letrozole can really nuke estrogen. I'm currently on 250mg Test E and 350mg Tren Ace. Really curious why I'm...
  6. TwoDollarTacos

    What do you guys usually do when a source sends you the wrong order?

    Curious, never happened to me but what do you guys do if you ordered a bunch of a test and the source sends you a bunch of deca instead? Do you get them to correct it? Or write up as a loss and get Test elsewhere.
  7. TwoDollarTacos

    Decided on Ace Labs

    I've been using the same source for the last few years now so a bit nervous yet excited at the same time. Looking to run a cycle coming off a pec tear. I've been in the gym working through the injury and it's getting better every week. Going forward I'll be ditching the bench press indefinitely...
  8. TwoDollarTacos

    What’s the difference between the Bones and the Standard lines?

    I know Bones has sesame seed oil, but I’m not sure why that would be better. Thank you guys
  9. TwoDollarTacos

    What’s the consensus around Ace Labs?

    I know they have a sub forum but wanted some other input on them. Any experiences you guys would like to share?
  10. TwoDollarTacos

    Don’t mean to spam this sub with GF posts, but...

    I’m really going to miss them. I’ve read some negativity surrounding them but they always did good by me, even went as far as to throw in extra goods with my package. The reps were always on point, never had an issue. I hope they make a comeback. I hate change and switching sources.
  11. TwoDollarTacos

    Any pec tear veterans here?

    I recently tore my pec for the third time while on a Tren cycle. Same exercise - the fucking bench press. I'm thinking about ditching this exercise altogether. Any guys with a pec tear recovery story they'd like to share? After 3 pec tears, I feel pretty defeated. At this point, I don't want...
  12. TwoDollarTacos

    Fear of getting injured again is really holding me back

    Anyone here suffer an injury that they recovered from but the mental aspect of that injury never got better? Short backstory, I tore my lat back in 2018 deadlifting. Yesterday was a back session for me with deadlifts involved. I'm currently on cycle and worked my way up to deadlifting 405 for a...
  13. TwoDollarTacos

    Dropped a vial underwater, do I toss?

    I'm sitting on some TNE vials that crystallized. I was heating the vial up to break up the crystals and like a fucking idiot I dropped the vial in the pot and it was submerged in water. Should I toss it? Also, how long does it typically take to meltdown the crystals back into the solution?
  14. TwoDollarTacos

    Who's gym is still closed?

    I'm in the Northeast and gyms are not opening anytime soon and i've been losing my shit lately. I just ordered a third set of resistance bands and i'm extremely close to hopping on a modest cycle with resistance bands and see what happens at this point. Anyone else in the same boat? How have you...
  15. TwoDollarTacos

    Is it over for finasteride research chems?

    I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone has a domestic US source, i’d really appreciate it.
  16. TwoDollarTacos

    Flu like symptoms during cycle

    Feeling really weird about taking off from the gym while running a Test Prop Tren Ace cycle. Symptoms are : Body aches, weakness, dehydration, diarrea, pretty severe congestion and headaches. Does this warrant a day or two off from training or do most guys just power through?
  17. TwoDollarTacos

    Want to continue my blast but not sure if i'm wasting gear

    This is my final week of my 8 week cycle which is Test Prop 50mgs M/W/F Tren Ace 50mgs ED It was a successful recomp but i'm itching to keep going. Just not sure if continuing my blast past 8 weeks will be diminishing returns due to receptor saturation, yada yada yada. Would you guys just...
  18. TwoDollarTacos

    Powder sitting at the bottom of Raloxifene liquid

    Was going to post in my original thread but figured this would help someone in the future. Recently placed an order with MA Research which went great. The raloxifene has a solid powder sitting at the bottom of the liquid and no matter how much I shake it doesn't seem to break up at all. Should...
  19. TwoDollarTacos

    Pins source?

    Can anyone recommend a pin source? Use to get my pins from a research chem site but they made checkout difficult so i'm just going to move on.
  20. TwoDollarTacos

    What's going on with research chem websites?

    Every single site I go to now has a bizarre way of payment. Is FDA cracking down or something? I need a research AI ASAP and I'm confused on where to go now. MA Research Chems seems to be popular on this board but not sure how comfortable I am putting in my account number with a company I've...