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  1. BabyOx

    Monster TD!

    Another successful TD with Monster. Their customer service is amazing and always respond promptly when I have questions through PM and E-Mail. I received 4 vials of EQ 600mg and 3 vials of Rip Stack 300mg (100 mg of each test p, mast p, and tren a). I am running the Rip Stack now and saving...
  2. BabyOx

    Kanye West

    Just when I was about to see him perform he cancels the rest of his shows. Well....at least the tickets were free
  3. BabyOx


    Did you guys see the supermoon a couple days back? I went outside and I didn't see shit, it looked like a regular sized moon
  4. BabyOx

    Order TD!

    I needed a few extra bottles of Testosterone Propionate for my upcoming cycle and wanted to see how these worked for me. Thank you HughniceGuy for all of the help. I can't wait to try them :)
  5. BabyOx

    New Here

    I have been reading up on multiple threads and have found some very useful information. I hope to learn a lot more from everyone here and contribute where I can. Thanks!