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  1. maxmuscle1

    Max’s log

    More Fourth of July Food Pornography Some of my Favorites to Make and to Eat ![emoji1690][emoji91][emoji106] Max
  2. maxmuscle1

    Pharmacom labs news - all around pharmacom labs and bodybuilding

    Appreciate it [emoji16][emoji1690] Max
  3. maxmuscle1

    Gynecomastia surgery scheduled

    Congratulations! Probably has been some time since you’ve wanted to. I had an episode this year but took care on it . I’m sure I’ll be ther sometime in the future . There a Houston Surgeon that dose a ton of them . Max
  4. maxmuscle1

    Contest Time!!

    That’s the Stuff! [emoji39][emoji106]. Max , Adding pic for contest: vacation pic, we went on a Jetski Tour and at the end (our guide was cool AF) and he took though his racing area and it was so fun. They were governed at 60 mph but they can wh[emoji123] Max
  5. maxmuscle1

    Contest Time!!

    I Love 4 way - Skyline Chili , spaghetti, Shredded cheddar & onions (sour cream sometimes) . Such a different type of city ..unique. I make it at home since the sell Skyline at the store now. Max
  6. maxmuscle1

    PSL logger

    Damn trainwreck, you are doing some WORK[emoji1690][emoji123]. I have been checking out those heated-vibrating muscle massagers. I alway warm up now and do my back stretches/extensions in shower, muscle stretching post workout. Doing relexd hangs properly can be hard but I’ve always liked em...
  7. maxmuscle1

    What is the absolute furthest that your boss, manager or employee has ever gone with losing their shit?

    Great story [emoji23][emoji123][emoji1690]. I’ve definitely fantasized about hurting guys like that. When they are drunk or high ; it’s like their volume goes way up and they talk a lot of shit…yet when they’re not fucked up, they are nice guys. Luckily I grew up around a lot of drunks & drug...
  8. maxmuscle1

    Max’s log

    I love it but feel ya bro. I could eat piles of it. Last time I had them bring 4 oz of ahi on the side to help. But shit, it just goes down way to easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Totally! Plus they are about $28 a bowl, so I’m definitely sticking with my food & AYCE Sushi for my...
  9. maxmuscle1

    Max’s log

    MaxSys2.0 Training Programs For Overall Aesthetic Physique Improvement •Hair Loss Prevention Combo - 2% Ketoconazole shampoo - 4oz Perrigo 2x weekly Topical Propecia 0.5mg + Latisse 0.005% + Rogaine 5% Foam or Serum once per day •Liver/Organ Supplements - raw powders,liquid,Pills (made for...
  10. maxmuscle1

    Rigeu’s offseason log

    That’s great . Very good [emoji123] and not too hard on (my body IME) Max [emoji123]
  11. maxmuscle1

    Your favorite anabolic to add in

    test/gh w low dose deca. test/primo w daily gh would be nice [emoji1690][emoji123] Max
  12. maxmuscle1

    So I've been on M-1-T for a week now

    I used it once and it was the stronger oral I’ve ever taken. I cannot believe it was sold at nutrition stores forever[emoji38]. Gains in size & strength were rapid ! I never have used again but Holy Shit [emoji123][emoji123] Max [emoji1690][emoji106]
  13. maxmuscle1

    Free Gear Contest

    Nice 9tmare ! Cyp & E! [emoji106][emoji123] Max
  14. maxmuscle1

    Max’s log

    It sickens me ! My uncle passed at 27 , female cousin passed and she was just 30(she was cleared of her Breast cancer after double mastectomy & after HER-2 treatment, all that . 6 weeks later died . Now the good part is - I’ve had more family beat it than pass ! So I’ll pray for you & your...
  15. maxmuscle1

    Alpha Simga Labs sponsored pre contest cut

    Good luck my man![emoji119][emoji123]. Kick ass and Do this [emoji106][emoji123] The water part is natural for me , but I have seen people struggle with it . It’s may just be the excitement/stress, but you’ll do what you need to do. Max
  16. maxmuscle1

    New & Improved Tech for Androgen Use: May bring back some of the Greats!!

    New Tech for Androgen Use: Co-Crystal and Mixed Phase co-crystals New Non-Toxic Increased Efficacious Nandrolone Injectables and Orally effective (NAN) Two new non-cytotoxic co-crystals of synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroidal drug nandrolone(Deca or NPP) with pharmaceutically acceptable...
  17. maxmuscle1

    Vince McMahon Steps Down As WWE CEO, Chairman Amid Investigation

    That’s surprising to me …I figure he would like the negative attention. Maybe Linda threatened to take HALF !! He’s been married to her for 56 yrs!! WTH!? He having a End of mid -life Crisis (he must be nearing mid 70’s or 80 years old ). HRT does work [emoji23] Max
  18. maxmuscle1

    Max’s log

    This is the Zeus Cup I saw (Push50) This one ……[emoji533][emoji533][emoji97], Lord Have Mercy ! Love Her (I used to hate tattoos but, they can sure be sexy , Plus I’ve found that , (if they can take the tattoo pain , they do Anal & get dirty [emoji1787][emoji48] Their beauty only lasts if...
  19. maxmuscle1

    Max’s log

    OML! 5:15 ! That is phenomenal. Last mile I did was 7th or 8th grade. I was a sprinter ,only 100m dash, last leg of 400m relay (I couldn’t even hit 200m ) , the running long jump , Running Triple Jump . They tried forcing me to run long distance everyday @ practice ; saying “everyone has to”...
  20. maxmuscle1

    Max’s log

    I make those more than “normal people” . I ate a lot of Cornish hens /Quail (and quail eggs) . If it wasn’t for picking through all the bones , I’d eat more ! [emoji23]. I eat like a true animal (lol) , in public I have to mentally force myself to “not barrel my food and use my manners”...