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    Another TD

    Another TD from GC. There was a minor hiccup causing the slightest delay (which means I still received it faster than other sources). Bc of this they included a few extra goodies which was in no way necessary but certainly appreciated. Always smooth and always great doing business with GC.
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    Another TD

    GC came through as usual. Super fast turn around. Even threw in a couple extras. There was one minor mix up and something was left out. I wouldn’t even bother mentioning it except for how easy and fast the experience was getting it taken care of. GC remains my go to
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    Another TD

    I’ve ordered from GC several times now. This order was no different than the others. Excellent communication, great deal, and super fast TA. Thanks again GC
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    New guy

    Hey fellas I've been around a few of the forums for years, mainly lurking. Looking forward to learning from the guys here.