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    Gorilla’s Tbol

    Anyone remember using it? Reason I ask I because this is the second time I tried to use it and this is the second time I had to stop because it gets very hard to eat after a few days. Funny part is that I used stronger orals, like SD and Drol, without appetite issues. Just wanted to see if any...
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    Test/Mast preference?

    What ratio Test/Mast do you guys like to run it. 1:1? Reason I ask I because I’m doing 500mg Test C and 600mg Mast E and thinking about lowering the Mast to 400 because my knees and joints starting to feel a little achy and it started since I raised the Mast… well, now when I’m talking about it...
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    Started today!

    Started GC’s Test C and Mast E today, excited to finally try his gear.
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    Your longest blast?

    If you’re on TRT, how long is too long to be on 1g of gear, 400/400/200 Test/Primo/Deca or Mast for an example, no harsh drugs or maybe just 500mg of Test? I understand it’s individual, my dad said he ran 500mg of Test for 3 yrs in his late 50’s without anything go too much out range. Blood...
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    Low dose cycle, pointless?

    Would it be pointless to do Test/Primo/DHB at 200mg each? I think yes, I have some leftovers when I’m done with my current cycle, I can save them if you guys think it’s pointless.
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    Cycle question, Proviron/Anadrol?

    I’m doing a cycle of Test/Primo/Deca/Proviron and want to add Adrol. Question, do I keep the Prov while I take Adrol or do I just take Adrol and stop the Prov? Test/Primo/Deca will stay the same, for now at least.
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    Lowest effective dose of Deca?

    I’m at 200mg, it’s only been a few weeks so not expecting much but at what point should I raise the dose? I’m also taking 400 each of Test and Primo, also Proviron @25mg ed. Mostly looking for recovery, don’t need a lot of weight gain, although I would like to get stronger. Eating 100 cals...
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    Any reviews on SB’s Anadrol and Proviron 50mg?

    I’m sure they are good to go, just wanted to hear reviews before I use all my savings to stock up. :)
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    Primo E vs Mast E

    How do you guys think these 2 compare in “feels”? I feel really good on Primo, do you get the same with Mast E? I know it’s different for everyone but for ppl that used both which one do you prefer (mg per mg) if you had both laying around?
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    Yellow pee in the morning?

    So lately I’ve had bright yellow pee first thing in the morning? I drink plenty of water so pee is clear doing the day and my last pee before bed is clear also, it’s only the first pee in the morning, weird huh, anyone experienced something similar? I finished a cycle about a month ago (13...
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    Anyone heard of Ultra?

    A friend of mine that’s competing out of LA is using a brand called Ultra, it “looks legit” and he’s says it’s great and that a lot of ppl he knows using it also but I can’t find any info on it, anyone on here used it or heard about it?
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    For guys that’s adding Proviron to TRT

    What’s your Proviron dose and are you cycling it or all the time? I’m on 200mg Test C ew and started Proviron at 25mg ed a few days ago.
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    Dbol vs Tbol

    I’m on Test&Primo @400 each, love it but I think/feel like I have slightly low E. I was going to finish with Tbol but since my E is a little low it might be better to use a lower dose Dbol to raise my E some? I’m not really looking to add weight, I feel good where I’m at but want to add some...
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    Anadrol questions?

    How do you guys dose your AI with Adrol? I just started 400mg Test&Primo ew and 50mg Adrol ed. It’s my first time with Adrol so I’m not sure how much AI I should use? It’s barely been 2 weeks so no sides but I been feeling pretty good. I’m planning on starting to dose 100mg in a few days.
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    Floaters in oil?

    I have some older oils that I haven’t touched since last year that I wanted to start using but when I took it out it was a small floater floating around (it’s very small, barely visible) but no crystal or anything like that, the oil was all clear last time I looked at it last year. Still good...
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    Monday I discovered I needed Anadrol in my life and impulse bought some from King and today (2 days later) it arrived! Wow! 5/5 for delivery and service! I’ll start it in a few weeks and I will report back, hopefully it’s as good as the delivery.
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    Trap bar farmers carrier?

    For you guys that do this how are guys doing it, highest possible load with belt and straps or without? I done 500 with belt&straps but without I struggle with +315 do I lose a lot of the benefits with this exercise if I use belt&straps?
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    Questions about Anadrol?

    How do you feel on it and how long have you run Anadrol? I’m tempted to include it in my next cycle but never used it and would to like hear your experiences, if it’s a chance to feel like shit I rather do Dbol. I will run it with Test&Primo.
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    Strength gains with Adrol?

    Is it that good?
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    Primo and Deca?

    I seen Mast and Deca cycles but not Primo and Deca, anyone ran them together and how was the results? I like Primo and want to run it in my next cycle and I would like to try Deca but never used it before.