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  1. maxmuscle1

    New & Improved Tech for Androgen Use: May bring back some of the Greats!!

    New Tech for Androgen Use: Co-Crystal and Mixed Phase co-crystals New Non-Toxic Increased Efficacious Nandrolone Injectables and Orally effective (NAN) Two new non-cytotoxic co-crystals of synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroidal drug nandrolone(Deca or NPP) with pharmaceutically acceptable...
  2. maxmuscle1

    Any Old & New Injuries/Surgeries ?? Past/or Present!!

    Wondering [emoji1690][emoji123][emoji2] (for myself and family) about ….. Injectable Viscosupp Injections that the Ortho & Sports Medicine Docs have been using Viscosupplements (a few decades) they are gel-like substances, hyaluronates, that mimic the properties of naturally occurring joint...
  3. maxmuscle1

    FARM*TON TD - [emoji91][emoji123]

    Very great service and communication. Has done exactly as you ask and I’ve been impressed . These have (2) 50iu vials : (2) bacteriostatic water . I’m excited to try it and it’s quite unique and top notch packaging , that inside has form trays so it won’t be rattling around. Always appreciate...
  4. maxmuscle1

    A Endocrinologist’s reddit post ! So F’d up ! My Rant!

    So I was looking at all the online & local mens health or Medical spa or Anti Aging HRT/TRT comments about pricing in 2021-2022. Just seeing all the different pricing structures & protocols (if they make you do all labs, buy Rx’s, accept insurance, etc) . The first thing I run across is a...
  5. maxmuscle1

    Max Naps TD !

    Ordered easy, using Loco service and in a short time (days), a nice lil TD ! 30amps of Alpha Induject 250 ! Love Sust and Alpha . I appreciate the help from Rep Jasonhill. I verified all 3 on authentication site (not that I needed too . [emoji119][emoji123]. Now I need some extra supps to...
  6. maxmuscle1

    New USA (worldwide)generic hgh, long acting insulin , and permanent Pens

    So the FDA is trying to pander to larger Pharma and keep putting off all the approvals for generic biosimilars. They even put $5mil up for testing ! Mylan has a copy of Tresiba, Lantus, Toujeo, Levemir. The gh generics prices are gonna be so low, they are trying to stall until the long acting...
  7. maxmuscle1

    Medicinal Use of Testosterone and Related Steroids Revisited , 2021 (good read)

    Medicinal Use of Testosterone and Related Steroids Revisited https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7919692/ Max [emoji106][emoji1690][emoji123]
  8. maxmuscle1

    XT LABS past use by Max

    I have zero affiliation with Farmaton. Everyone is familiar with my past and my reputation. I noticed a 4 year old issue (fighting back and forth Over very old Janoshik lab analysis) . I’ve used XT LABS when it was Pompeyo. I used Sustaplex 275 , Provi-X and XXX200 and got very good results ...
  9. maxmuscle1

    New Forms of PT-141 and Combinations for Sex

    Bremelanotide aka. PT-141 aka Melanotan 1 aka Vyleesi[emoji2401] PT-141 Article : https://northamptonintegrativemedicine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/PT-141-Monograph.pdf What are the available forms for PT-141? #1 is INJECTABLE Obviously but , there are Nasal Sprays(effective but only...
  10. maxmuscle1

    Impossible Burger/Beyond Burger !?? I got you!

    Impossible's main ingredient:soy protein isolate . Also: Beyond Meat products also include things like dipotassium phosphate, potassium chloride, titanium dioxide(used for SPF). Here’s what they are eating at BK “The impossible whopper has 44 mg of estrogen and the whopper has 2.5 ng of...
  11. maxmuscle1

    Prevagen !? Jellyfish Supp for Brain $50-$80 a month?

    Apoaequorin 10mg(main active in Prevagen[emoji2401]) is a protein that was originally discovered in the jellyfish species Aequorea victoria. They make a 20mg Max forumula Problems with calcium regulation in the human brain are thought to play a role in age-related mental decline. Because...
  12. maxmuscle1

    GEARPRO TD!!! [emoji3593][emoji3593]

    Hittin the Bulker !! TS400 Biotech w some SuperNandro - Nan blend !! Such quick , kick ass , super EZ, great SERVCE & Results! Always [emoji91] w GP MAX [emoji123][emoji108]
  13. maxmuscle1

    2022 olympics “new” ped updates !

    Also, what they consider “NON-THERAPEUTIC” or “ABUSE TO GIVE ENHANCED ABILITIES - some surprised me , some I expected, and Some I am ordering. Lol (totally kidding)[emoji1787] I don’t need any heart medication or dandruff shampoo yet ! (Yes it is a PED) : Of course they added all the new long...
  14. maxmuscle1


    These(3 compounds) have all been used in trials and researched previously but none of them were approved. They have spent the most money and time(over 25yrs) researching the hormones than any other steroid due to : “The Need for a Male Contraceptive” (pill/pellet/patch/sublingual:buccal/and...
  15. maxmuscle1

    Berberine vs Metformin

    Quick Review : Striking Simularities Recent studies show striking similarities between the popular diabetes drug metformin and its natural alternative berberine. It’s also as effective as metformin, but without the side effects and long-term implications. Compared with metformin, berberine...
  16. maxmuscle1

    SBLabs TD [emoji91]

    Supa fly!! Max
  17. maxmuscle1

    So I Wondered why THEY PICKED NAC !!?

    I wondered out of all the supplements, research, nootropics; and other aminos; “ WHY WERE THEY MESSING WITH NAC(N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) a non-essential amino acid to try and BAN or make it hard to get !??? Well, after looking at the multiple companies and combinations they have been studying and...
  18. maxmuscle1

    Female Gift Ideas for girls (just dating)

    So, I haven’t been in the female gift giving thing with girls I am just sleeping with for a short time (was with my ex, almost 3 years). I have one girl that calls me her “Man” when she introduces me; which I don’t even talk about labels at this point. She knows I sleep with other women but...
  19. maxmuscle1

    Why Buy Bulk Powder, Liquids, Caps !??

    Why Buy Bulk Powder, Liquids, Caps !?? Look at these products and the prices![emoji3593] (Also look at the milligrams! Are they joking 300mg? When you need 3g of one and 2g of another, that is just a few examples: I have seen proprietary formulas with 10mg of MSM or 50mg fish oil: Joke...
  20. maxmuscle1

    Ultalabtests has $12.95 Total Testosterone

    Code : Ulta0615