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    Platinum Pharma GTG

    Yeah I’ve tried a few different sources in the past and usually feel it by week 5. Not PP definitely quicker. Even my wife notice the difference lol. I haven’t been on gear for a couple years, so feels good to have this feeling back
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    Platinum Pharma GTG

    Made a few orders with PP. Communication was stellar. T/A was quick. Three weeks in on his test-e 300 and I can feel the difference. Libido went up and body feels good. Think I might try his tren and see what happens lol. You won’t be disappointed. Give him a try!
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    Looks good
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    Just wanted to post something positive

    Patience is key and sending right info helps
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    Just ordered test e

    Get some
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    Keep us posted
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    First time with monster

    Looking too place an order too
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    Awesome quick TD

    Nice! Keep us updated
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    1st Time Buyer

    Let us know how it goe
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    Truck Load of the good arrived today!!

    Any photos of you stash lol
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    1/2 of my order is MIA

    Any updates?
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    HU pharma

    Anyone tried his super test or anomass?
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    Request a Product List Here

    List plz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk