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  1. doichtoro

    Physique of an olympic sprint cyclist

    Shocking quads on this guy. I'm surprised he carries so much upper body muscle. It seems to me that's just extra weight for you to drag around the track.
  2. doichtoro

    Blood work to get?

    I'm 44 and doing Sustanon 350 mg/week, masteron 200 mg/week, NPP 200 mg/week, and 60 mg of anavar/day in two doses. I'm happy enough with the workout results but I'm surprised at how sleepy and lethargic I am. I haven't gotten bloods done in a while. Any suggestions on what I should check...
  3. doichtoro

    Wife has problems reaching orgasm

    My wife has been on 20 mg test-C for a few months. She loves the energy increase and increased libido. She's never had problems reaching orgasm but recently she's just not sensitive to climax. She still loves sex and we go at it often. It's just frustrating for her because she can't reach orgasm...
  4. doichtoro

    New member

    Hello all. Brand new. Been on prescribed trt for about 10 weeks. Looking for education on a bunch of things I don’t really understand about AAS. Thanks.