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    YOUTUBE and handyman shit (shuuhh, don't tell the wife) Handy man tips & Hacks are the best

    Use it all the time for many things - makes an old man look great !!
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    Blood pressure

    Dont mess around with BP or you die fast .Carditone " can " drop it - but with where you are at -I am saying see your Doc and get on Lisinopril or other . You are way too high IMO -ignore it and you will be in an ambulance ( trust me ) just a fact ~
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    NooTropics BUST

    Stimulate from IML does look interesting for sure ~
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    Stay Positive - Rich Piana

    Been through some shit in my 71 years and can tell you I have actually been a blessed man - just depends on how we look at it .POSITIVE is the ONLY approach ~
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    Prayers for REHH and His Wife..

    Hang in there -you WILL get better ~
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    Wanna apologize for my lack of presence

    Hang in there -we are here - has been a very tough couple years ~
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    What did you inject today? 💉

    75 mgs of cyp - low dose TRT get it done for this old man ~
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    The Benefits of Kombucha Tea and Why You Should Drink It

    It actually settles my stomach -maybe I will try making it ? TG is right - it is an acquired taste
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    Flying with gear. Domestically

    I fly and cruise and just put it in my carry - never had a problem -TSA is not law enforcement -
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    ESPN Swimsuit edition

    I bet she has a great personality lol
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    IronMag Labs GOT RAIDED! MY SPONSOR! Robert DiMaggio LIVE

    Following - great info -Thanks
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    What is the best thing you guys have found for blood pressure?

    Still a great thread on BP - guys should check this daily -high BP can kill you silent and fast ~
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    Over 60 and still pumping

    70 years old -TRT only ~ hit the gym 4 times a week - still chasing the wife with a lil help from Cialis .Keep a close eye on BP and bloodwork .-OD
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    Taking a Break

    If possible, maybe you should stay around for support?
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    Is better to taper off krat -or just taper to a lower dose - stay at that point for awhile .I have used for several years and it is better than opiates -at least it is for me -
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    ^^^^ great advice - just treat her the way you would want to be treated - pretty simple -been married 50 years and has worked for us ~
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    Ideas Wanted

    PERFECT -I like the way you think -OD
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    Images of empty store shelves?

    We are OK here - but there is only two of us. We get all our meat and seafood from fishing and hunting. The junk foods at the store get pounded - but the higher priced is always in stock. I need to eat less anyway. Soon we will have our local produce.
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    MILF (aka pics of your mom)

    I am waaaay older than most of you and I still have sex 3-4 times a week. Been married 50 years so that will clue you in a bit .30 mgs Test P (10 mgs -3 X a week) works better than anything we used before. Sounds pretty simple- but works for us and many of our friends (older and younger) No sex...