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  1. REHH

    New Sale on Injectables

    Injectables sale 1. order 5 bottles to get 2 free bottles ( same items or different items--- , for examples, you can order 3 test cy 250 and 2 deca, and you will get 1 free test cy 250 and 1 free deca 200, or you can order 5test cy 250 to get 2 free test cy 250 or you can order 5 test cy 250...
  2. REHH

    IronLion Sale on Raws

    Here is another sale from IronLion on Raw Powders…. welcome the coming summer sales, we carry a raw sales, (it will end on May 15) 1.Raw sales , If the amount is 300$-499$. We offer 5% off If the amount is 500$-999$, we offer 10% off If the amount is 1000$-1499$, we offer 15% off, If the amount...
  3. REHH

    HGH Massspec Testing Results

    Just got some more massspec testing back from Janoshik. Great results on the orangtops, 20% overdosed similar to the last few test results posted.
  4. REHH

    Tax Season Spring Sale @ Ironlion

    Hey guys here's the annual tax season bogo sale Lion does every year. These are the best prices he offers, take advantage. INJECTABLES (order 5 to get 3 free) , (order 10 bottles to get 10 free bottles) 1. HGH(order one to get one free) A.) Orangetop Puretropin (100iu/kit) Order...
  5. REHH

    Ironlion Raw Sale

    Lion is doing a little raw sale now before the big tax season sale coming next month. Sale starts now and will on March 3. Spend 500.00 in Raws and get 15% off Spend 1000.00 in Raws and get 20% off To order send email to ironlion@keemail.me To check prices go here https://ironlion-pharma.is/
  6. REHH

    Back To Buisness @ Ironlion

    The Chinese holiday is over and Ironlion is back to work. If you have any questions or want quotes on orders please feel free to contact at ironlion@keemail.me Rehh
  7. REHH

    $$Big Sale$$ @ ironlion

    SALE EXTENDED TO JANUARY 10TH!! Hi everybody We do this crazy sales each year ahead for coming Christmas day. We wish everybody can enjoy this crazy sales this time. Lion <FREE SHIPPING> 1. HGH(buy two get two free) A.) Orangetop Puretropin (100iu/kit) Order 2 kits to get 2 free kits. (the...
  8. REHH

    How To Order From Ironlion

    A.) Check websites for products and prices. Www.ironlion-lab.is Www.ironlion-pharma.is B.) Email Ironlion at ironlion@keemail.me for a quote C.) Pay with Bitcoin or Token; BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT(Tether)
  9. REHH

    Fall 2021 Ironlion Sale

    Here's a new sale from ironlion@keemail.me ​SALE ENDS OCTOBER 16TH We do a great sales for Coming Autumn Pls check the following: A.) Orange top puretropin gh (10iu/vial) 1-2kits-----------180$/kit 3-6kits-----------135$/kit 7-10kit-----------116$/kit 10+kits, pls contac us...
  10. REHH

    New HPLC Puretropin Results

    More excellent results for Orangetop Puretropins...30% overdosed.
  11. REHH

    There are 2 websites for Ironlion

    Raw powders .... www.ironlion-pharma.is HGH, Peptides, Injectables .... https://ironlion-lab.is
  12. REHH

    Give ironlion a try

    No sale right now but you can always just send Lion an email at ironlion@keemail.me and see what he can do for you. They have a line of finished injectables that many don't know about. These products are made by a large pharmaceutical company in China, not an underground lab. Rehh
  13. REHH

    New Sale @ Ironlion

    Lion has decided to separate the raw powder portion of their buisness to a different website than finished goods. Everything is still the same with ironlion, same great product and services. There will still only be one email address for contact; ironlion@keemail.me For finished goods...
  14. REHH

    Record holding female runner tests positive for steroids

    USA TODAY: Record-setting American middle distance runner Shelby Houlihan tests positive for anabolic steroid. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2021/06/14/shelby-houlihan-us-olympic-track-hopeful-tests-positive-steroid/7695211002/ Nandrolone? Hmm was thinking it would be eq or...
  15. REHH

    Sarms back in stock!

    All SARMS powder is back in stock. Due to the Pandemic some powders had been out of stock for a while. Email ironlion@keemail.me for more information and to get a quote. Rehh
  16. REHH

    ***summer sale 2021***

    Everybody we want to do a sales for Summer This sales will last two weeks, “ONLY TWO WEEKS”. But , Pls just check what we have in our new website, don’t place your order by any website, if you want to order something or get some order information, pls contact our only email: ironlion@keemail.me...
  17. REHH

    Gearpro TD

    Auctus Test Cypionate TD. Product looks great, I'll be jumping on this for my trt at 200mg/wk. Thanks to Gearpro for getting this out to me.
  18. REHH

    Orangetops bloodwork

    Here is some recent bloodwork a customer sent Lion. 4iu 5 days a week. Igf 357. Base igf was 67. Those are great results.
  19. REHH

    Chronic Kidney Disease....CKD

    Anyone on here have it? Looks like I finally have to accept that I have it and it's not going away. My creatinine and egfr have been high for two years now. (Egfr low). At first it was just barely out of range but over the past two years things have slowly gotten worse to where I'm at stage 3...
  20. REHH

    Canada and Europe Open for Business Again

    Lion is able to ship to Canada and Europe once again since the pandemic made things difficult for a while.