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    Flash Labs Chat Box

    JJB1, Thanks for the earlier reply. Being that there is currently test cyp in the flash blend would i really need to continue the weekly injection i do now? I tried to do some research but couldn't find much on the flash blend. As far as the diet i eat 6 meals a day all clean calories now...
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    Flash Labs Chat Box

    I purchased some flash blend back a couple months ago. I'm on 125mg test c injected once a week for trt. I wanted to try something different and try to lean up some also. What is the recommended dosage on this and how often should it be injected? I haven't tried it yet but would like to start...
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    trt advice

    I was on test cypionate as prescribed by my doctor. It only lasted for 10 weeks and then my insurance guide lines changed so i had to come off. I purchased what was to be test c through a friend of a friend. Come to find out it was test e. I need to be ordering some more on my own. I only take...