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    House of antichrist to be completed 2022

    This, the revived Roman Empire
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    Bible Thread

    This explaines it !
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    Harry Reid dead, in a wonderful new years twist

    Actually Harry Reid chose to live his life without the Lord Jesus Christ, so..... now the Lord Jesus Christ chooses to live eternity without Harry Reid. Seeing how Jesus made everything Harry has only darkness and who knows what that leaves him (remember forever). Plus he got up in Congress and...
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    Priceless--Mask Mandate School Board Gets Pranked

    Under the bleachers by.....
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    Jab or Job? Whose job is on the line for vax mandate?

    If you can make it to Florida come on down our governor is very proactive about the mandate. Lot of adds in construction, medical is a little dicey but it's there. We're not 1/10th as bad as butass deblazio
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    NEW Nootropic - Mood Enhancer coming

    Keep me in mind please I'm in
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    Come to Florida! housing is a little tough at the moment but you can't beat Desantis for Gov. Up arround Gainsville gets cooler than Sarasota or Tampa, nice rolling hills and a lot of horse ranches. If your in construction it's booming!
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    Do you old fuckers still squat?

    At 65 I still squat but no more than 225, every time I increase weight I get hurt, so I've done the math and stay safe. I don't have to impress anyone at my age
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    Mental decline of 'utterly deplorable and inept' President Biden 'can't be ignored'

    I have a tendency to lean this way, Obinden's strings are being pulled by Obama and Susan Rice. They are still deeply entrenched in political affairs, remember Isreal's prime minister giving praise to Biden when he was just there and Biden shifted ythe credit to (yep) Obama. What Obama really...
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    Confirmed--Joe Biden is a nipple pinching pedo

    Send this to killsong, let him dance arround it.
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    My first time at urologist

    I dropped one PCP (primary care physician) because of that myself. My test levels came in high on a blood draw and the Dr. assistant called me on the phone and proceeded to chew me out, up one side and down the other. I just casually said my insurance will pay for another blood draw in six...
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    This little bitch doesn't need a trial

    Public execution within 72 hours
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    Legendary Actor

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    New Old Member

    Good to see you were able to get back on
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    What’s up guys

    Welcome to the show
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    Mandatory for everyone?

    I do!
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    Are you a Trump supporter?

    Yep! All way
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    Obama uses....

    Could'nt have said it better!
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    Are you a Trump supporter?

    I am, yes
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    Are you a Trump supporter?

    I'm all in. I've never seen such a good outcome since Trump's been in office, I work for local government, I can tell you first hand how top heavy and unresponsive it is. Local goverment controls construction growth water sewer utilities development. Local government dosn't know what it's doing...