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    Jay Cutler Claims You Should CYCLE OFF TRT

    It’s testosterone replacement therapy! I don’t understand why someone would stop or take a break. What are people trying to accomplish by doing this?
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    Sleep Apnea: Low Testosterone and Death

    Thanks! Good read!
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    Persistent low libido/weak erections two months after PCT (w/ comprehensive blood work)

    Why not at this point just get on hrt/trt and be done with it? Even if clomid works as soon a s you stop your levels will most likely decline.
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    Gymntonic, weird! I was just going to post a question about tesamorelin and then saw your post. :) glad to hear you actually care this product! My question: I take ibutamoren but the hunger cravings are pretty intense and haven’t decreased much since I started. My goal is to loose weight and...
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    Preferred injection sites

    I do calf injections without any issues. Small mg though.
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    High DHT levels

    Anything to be worried about having high DHT levels? All my health markers came back good including my psa. My levels were almost doubled the scale value: 1300 (106-719). I know hairline can be a concern but already loosing that. I wonder what peoples dht levels are who run var, winny etc…
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    TRT low numbers

    Also you might find a trt clinic online more useful and better treatment if you can’t find a good trt doctor your area.
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    Low dose clomid can do wonders. My levels were similar to yours and got my levels up to the 700 range. But once I discontinued my levels dropped but I was also shut down for a long period of time so system never recovered.
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    TRT low numbers

    It might do some good if he can get a copy of his lab results and post them on here. They should be testing his shbg, estradiol, free test, total test, h/h etc… He might benefit in increasing injection frequency to every other day..
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    DHT Levels

    Just on trt right now and hcg.
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    DHT Levels

    Having high DHT level good or bad? 1300 pg/ml (106- 709)
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    Hunger for reals. I also take it at night but by morning I’m starving and have crazy cravings. Do you think lowering my dose be beneficial and not have hunger cravings?
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    Everything you need to know about AIs

    I’m not seeing anything…
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    Cruise dose plus ai vs masteron

    I’m no expert by any means or have the knowledge or experience. I’m your reg joe who works out but also wishes he had the bod and dedication as you all have lol..But my own personal experience with trt is that an ai can really help if needed with labs. I rather not take an ai. But I feel so much...
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    Trt with no HCG

    I’m curious to how people on trt don’t use HCG and if it’s really needed? I’m in my mid 30’s and don’t want kids. Some people say that it increases their libido? Having small nuts and low libido is a concern of mine. We’ll mostly libido. I have been on clomid therapy before trt and was impressed...
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    Air travel with TRT

    Never had any problems
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    Thanks for sharing but already more paranoid lol..
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    So how did you get caught?
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    Also, cpap has a built in humidifier, no more stuffed up nose or dry mouth. I also don’t snore anymore and the machine is quiet. I’m able to track my sleep using an app on my phone. it was hard to get use to using the cpap at first. I ended up buying mine outright got sick of dealing with the...
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    Need to get checked out and have a sleep study done! I have had a few sleep studies done over the years. You don’t have to be fat or obese to have sleep apnea. It could be as simple as your anatomy or other health reasons. Trt can also make having mild sleep apena worse. I just recently...