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  1. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Before they show up at my door

    Quick question...this may be the wrong place to ask, but it’s the pit right? So before shit hits the fan and the gestapo shows up at my door and I gotta kill someone, does anyone know what a vaccination card or fuckin ID or whatever the fuck they give you looks like? Can it be faked? Is there a...
  2. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Uncle Z Euro-Pharmacies Injectable D-bol Log

    I’m running a 30 day log for the EP Goldline injectable Dbol. I will be using 50mg per day. I have fell off over the past couple months with my regular workout routine. I am excited to get back to hitting it hard and am excited to see what this product can do. The only other compound I am...
  3. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Naps Contest TD

    Received my winnings from Naps UFC contest. Communication was on point. I ran into an issue using my coupon code and it was taken care of pretty fast. Ordering on the website is super easy and probably the best website I’ve used for ordering. I really really liked the packaging. It was a...
  4. HeavyMetalMadMan


    Beligas...Does anyone have experience with this brand? Thoughts on quality? Have you tried orals and oils? Does anyone know the carrier oil? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  5. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Starting Accutane

    What’s up ASFers hope everyone has a safe and great holiday! So I need some feedback from brothers who have ran Accutane.. I have had problematic acne for about the past 10 years... only once I hit my late 20s.. it is exasperated when I’m on cycle to cystic and painful and I have had enough with...
  6. HeavyMetalMadMan

    HeavyMetalMadMan's Straight Up Kratom Log

    Whats up guys, this is going to be my first time trying kratom and have saw a lot of good reviews for SUK, so decided to jump on giving them a shot. First off, pack arrived really fast. I recieved (1) 4oz package of Old Forrest Red Bali and (1) 4 oz package of Old Forrest Gold Hulu Kapuas. The...
  7. HeavyMetalMadMan

    The champ is here!!

    I couldnt let it just go by without talking a little shit, so..... THE CHAMPION IS IN THE BUILDING..I will now be refered to as King, Champ, Your Highness...etc, etc, etc... Sorry Jswole you just came up a little short bud, maybe next season,lol, but for the whole year you are looking at the TOP...
  8. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Contest td

    Received the contest kit..received really fast, and packaged well. Vial and label look very professional. I gotta admit it is a little strange having a whole kit in 1 vial and it already being reconstituted, but im open minded and maybe they are on to something,lol..wondering what additives are...
  9. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Flash Sample Review

    Received a sample from Flash today. I chose to give their Tren E 200 a shot. First off, it came super fast. Shipping packaging was above and beyond what Ive seen from most. Came in a cute little box,lol, nice vial and labeling and product looks nice. Did 1cc, drew up and pinned smooth..So far Im...
  10. HeavyMetalMadMan


    Just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge a good man amongst us...His name is Keltic, and out of the kindness of his heart helped me out tremendously when I was in need...and did it within an hour of offering..and refused to accept anything that was offered in return, just wanted to do it to...
  11. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Feels like Extortion..

    Whats up brothers, just want to get something off my chest... Ive read the forum rules here and feel like Im not breaking any but can an Admin lmk if I am... So I "was" recently a member of another forum..no need to name them, not here to bash, just want to share my recent experience. Rookie...
  12. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Ethyl Oleate

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has first hand experience on this...So Im on parole and I am tested regularly(probably more than regularly because my PO has it out for me, but thats another story). But alcohol by way of ETG is regularly tested for also..so my question is do compounds that contain...
  13. HeavyMetalMadMan

    New Guy

    Hey All! New to this forum, Looking to get acquainted with some good bros! Looks like an awesome forum!